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Low-fee Bulgarian property deposit recovery service

29th January 2011 Print

Legions of Brits have been lured into buying property in Bulgaria due to the low prices and a generous helping of media hype. But for many purchasers the fairytale hasn’t had the scripted happy ending and they have become victims of various scams losing plenty of money in the process.’s brand new low-fee Bulgarian Deposit Recovery Service couldn’t come at a better time.

Daren Wallbank, Director of explains, “Bulgaria has proven to be a bit of a minefield for exploitative estate agents and double-dealing developers. Whether hit by the global economic meltdown, the vagaries of the Bulgarian legal system or just downright criminality, receives its second highest level of enquiries after Spain relating to this tricky property market. Our new low-fee Bulgarian Deposit Recovery Service will help these desperate individuals recover their monies without denting the battered bank balance too much further.”

After months of searching, has found a respectable and fit-for-purpose lawyer who is willing to offer good terms to clients with fees biased towards a successful claim. The initial professional assessment is free of charge. Lawyers will ascertain chances of winning a payout before clients commit any money to the process giving them the option to decide whether to proceed or not. Should they choose to continue, reduced fees apply.

For just £950 GBP – to cover disbursements, minimal fees and miscellaneous charges – an initial legal claim process is initiated and’s appointed lawyers will try to achieve success without the need for costly court cases. This £950 GBP does not cover the lawyer’s time but they will not agree to move a claim forward unless confident of a win, thus protecting client monies. In the event of a victorious claim, will take a success fee.

If you are interested in the low-fee Bulgarian Deposit Recovery Service, want information on No Win No Fee for certain Spanish cases or have lost a deposit in any other international property market, visit, or join our FaceBook Group “Reclaim Your Deposit”.