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Car theft hot spots

11th February 2011 Print

This week, the media has highlighted several exclusive London postcodes as hotspots for car theft. Areas such as Chelsea, Belgravia and West Kensington have seen some of the highest rates of car theft in the UK, according to the research.  This is also in line with data compiled by TRACKER. The stolen vehicle recovery experts report that 52 per cent of cars recovered in January were from the Greater London area. Of these, 62 per cent were stolen using the owner's car keys, taken during home burglaries or street crime.

Stuart Ballantyne, head of Select from Direct Line, comments: "Wherever wealthy individuals have their homes, criminals will follow.  With high numbers of luxury cars being stolen, particularly in areas such as West London, we advise clients to take particular care of where they store car keys over night.  With TRACKER highlighting such a high number of car thefts using stolen keys, clients should always keep car keys well away from the front door of their home and out of sight."