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Basia Zarycka becomes a victim of car key theft

5th April 2011 Print

Famous fashion designer, Basia Zarzycka had a less than glamorous start to the day, when thieves stole her BMW 735L using just a bamboo stick with a coat hanger tied to it. The homespun device was used to hook the keys from her home, allowing them to drive off into the sunset with the car. TRACKER, the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist, reveals that 84% of the stolen cars it recovers are taken using the owner’s keys.

Mrs Zarzycka’s BMW was stolen from outside her home, in the middle of the day. Thieves stole the keys from inside the house and took off in the car. Luckily, the vehicle was fitted with TRACKER’s unique stolen vehicle recovery device, which was activated and the BMW was found by police in another part of London. The vehicle was about to be shipped to Lithuania and even had directions inputted into the Sat Nav. However, police got there in time and arrested the driver.

“I am extremely happy to be reunited with my car. It has sentimental value because I have a personalised licence plate and the interior been modified to certain specifics, including tinted windows, so I’d hate to lose it,” says Mrs Zarzycka. “I am so relieved I had signed up with TRACKER, otherwise the car could have been gone for good. I received an outstanding service and would recommend TRACKER to anyone.”

Stuart Chapman, Police Relationship Manager of TRACKER adds, “Car key theft is a growing problem, but luckily for Mrs Zarzycka, she had a TRACKER unit fitted, otherwise her car would be in Lithuania by now. Our tracking devices continue to play a key role in helping police locate stolen vehicles, return them to their rightful owners and make successful arrests.

“TRACKER is the only stolen vehicle recovery provider working with all 52 police forces in the UK and this relationship is essential in helping them find stolen vehicles. By working side-by-side with the police, TRACKER’s unique stolen vehicle recovery system offers a very real threat to vehicle thieves.”

TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief won’t even know it’s there. Unlike other tracking systems, the device works even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage or shipping container, offering car owners the ultimate in peace of mind should the worst happen.

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