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H N Sillifant’s dual purpose FM tipper heads for the coast

28th April 2011 Print
Volvo FM tipper

A striking new Volvo FM 8x4 dual-purpose tipper has entered service with West Country operator H.N. Sillifant from Davidstow near Camelford, Cornwall.
Designed to haul loads ranging from dense, heavy sand to lightweight, but bulky, sawdust the eight-wheeler and its semi-bulk body work primarily within the county of Cornwall.
The new Volvo joins a fleet of Iveco vehicles and big part of his decision to buy Volvo on this occasion was based on his experience with another Volvo he had acquired second-hand. “I can count the times this vehicle has had problems on one hand, a truly remarkable truck”, commented Derek Sillifant, adding,”Truck and Bus Wales and West’s Transport Solutions Executive Justin Fisher has been also been a good friend for many years. In fact the deal was concluded on a Sunday afternoon at a local stock car race meeting.”
“That just goes to show that even on my day off I am really still in work mode”, said Derek. “And I guess the same goes for Justin too !”
Powered by the 13-litre 460hp Volvo diesel, the new vehicle features the Volvo two-pedal I-Shift automated gearbox, lightweight Alcoa wheels, beacons, spotlights and mirror guards. The vehicle is also equipped with an aluminium Wilcox body, Edbro front-end tipping gear and a Dawbarn Hydroclear sheeting system.
The distinctive and eye-catching Sillifant livery serves to enhance the overall visual appeal of the new truck.
“”There’s only one word to describe her and that’s awesome” enthused Derek Sillifant. “Hauling out of Padstow at maximum weight is as good a trial as you can get with steep hills, a hairpin bend and unpredictable holiday traffic. One word describes the experience and that’s ‘effortless’. Talk about a truck fit for purpose. The power-to-weight ratio is perfect. In fact she is so much on top of the job that she virtually drives herself! And I never even had to touch the ‘Performance Mode’ control. I did it all in ‘Economy Mode’,” he added cheerfully.
An on-board camera system used to monitor the loading operation and to act as a reversing aid plus high-intensity rear strobes and an on-board weigher system have also been installed on the new Volvo. “The weigher is invaluable when we’re loading Padstow sea sand because the same volume of material can alter in weight by as much as two tonnes depending on whether it’s wet or dry”, added Derek.
Regular driver Terry Gabriel is said to be ‘absolutely delighted’ with his new truck despite having some early reservations about the I-Shift gearbox reported owner Derek Sillifant. “But after a couple of days behind the wheel he told me that as much as he wanted to get home to see the wife and kids, he just didn’t want to get down from the cab !”
The H. N. Sillifant transport business started operations in 1962 meaning that 2012 will mark the company’s 50th anniversary. “I don’t know quite what we will do to celebrate the event”, admits Derek. “But if the new Volvo does well, who knows !”

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Volvo FM tipper