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Volvo FMX wears three hats

3rd May 2011 Print
Volvo FMX

Is it a rigid, a wagon and drag or a low loader? Operated by A P Pavers, this new Volvo FMX is all three and is busy delivering top productivity for the firm.
The UK’s largest paver hire specialist, Coalville-based A P Pavers, has taken this new Volvo FMX 6x4 rigid to fill three roles in their unique application for the road construction business.
Chris Woodhead, Director of AP Pavers, explained the multi-role application that the FMX-460 will be employed in. “It’s primary function is as a regular 6x4 tipper of course, but we also use it in conjunction with a semi-slope Andover trailer to transport planers and pavers.”
Supplied by Volvo Dealer Hartshornes at Burton-on-Trent, the FMX 6x4 is plated at 44 tonnes and it uses the 25 tonne gross Andover drag trailer effectively as a drawbar. With the trailer’s 11 degree ramp they are able to load a paver into the back of the Wilcox tipper body and the semi-slope trailer deck is left free to carry a planer.
Chris Woodhead said, “We need a very robust chassis for this type of work and the new Volvo FMX looked well up to the job. It’s the first Volvo we’ve ever bought and we’re using the 8mm fully-flitched constructor chassis that Volvo offer.”
Chris has also gone for the I-Shift automated box which he says they will be monitoring with interest as they do a lot of slow work in front of planers. As Chris concluded, “The drivers like it and it’s performing well, so we’re happy.”

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Volvo FMX