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Choosing the next company car or van has never been easier

5th May 2011 Print
Peugeot Compare

With business customers primarily in mind, Peugeot has launched a new dedicated website that allows fleet customers and company car drivers to compare key facts and figures to see which Peugeot or competitor is best in key sectors.
This new website is less prescriptive than some others as it allows users to prioritise the key elements that affect their choice, including the P11D cost of the vehicle, Company Car Tax, CO2 and MPG.
By simply visiting individuals can select a car or van option and will then find a simple-to-navigate site, with sliding adjustable scales at the top, determining the levels of importance of the four key criteria.  As the sliders are moved, so the model choice increases or decreases as to how many of them qualify.  At any point it is then possible to see displayed the applicable Peugeot line up and then introduce the competitors within the same criteria. It is also possible to compare with models outside the criteria, if felt necessary.
Phil Robson, Director, Fleet Sales, Peugeot UK, said: “At a time when we and our competitors offer our customers such a wide choice of models, I think it is important they get to evaluate the merits of our products in a way that suits them, and the ‘PeugeotCompare’ website brings an ease of use solution to an otherwise complicated dilemma. It also shows the strengths of all our products in a more levelled, comparable environment, and I encourage everyone to give it a try.”

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Peugeot Compare