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Britons top the poll for beach crimes and blunders

30th May 2011 Print

Brits can learn a few things from the Ozzies when it comes to beach fashion on what not to wear and how to look like a beach goddess, according to a recent poll.

The research conducted on behalf of Australian swimwear specialists Trixan Body unveiled the top five beach fashion crimes as being:

1. Excess sprouting body hair (29%)
2. Tight, ill-fitting swimwear resulting in wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ (18%)
3. Beer bellies hanging over swimwear (18%)
4. Not wearing enough – going topless or wearing a thong (16%)
5. See through swimwear (6%)

And when it comes to celebrities, it appears that few of us can forget that infamous image of Peter Stringfellow strolling by the sea sporting no more than a thong, as he tops the poll of worst crime committed by a celebrity whilst in their swimwear. Peter was closely followed by Katie Price and GMTV weathergirl Claire Nasir.

Brits top summer’s hall of shame

Brits topped the league for worst summer fashion (35%), with Americans and Germans following close behind (23% and 21% each) – with women the harshest critics. Instead, we should be looking to emulate the Australians and Swedes whose flair for looking good on the beach is unsurpassed.

The poll threw up other interesting results: 50% of respondents think women can wear a bikini at any age, whilst 38% believe that 45 is a woman’s cut off age for bikini wear – we’re pretty sure Helen Mirren would have something to say about that!

Men polled plumped for the bra style bikini, whilst women opted for the classic swimsuit as the most flattering style, followed by the halter neck bikini.

“For many of us daring to bare on the beach is an annual event, so it’s a great chance to push change in your style, but it’s easy to slip up as we can see! The more you experiment and explore your swimwear choices, as with all fashion choices, the better you will wear them - there are styles available for all figures. Oh and always remember wear a good hair screen and sunscreen - no one rocks lobster!” Said Rob Phillips, Creative Director London College of Fashion

“Part of the fun of heading down to the beach is peering over the top of our sunglasses to see who’s wearing the latest styles and how good they look. Swimwear doesn’t leave much room to hide, so it’s crucial that we make as much effort as possible to wear styles that flatter our figures.

The halter neck bikini was found to be the most flattering style for women to wear this season (37%), which is no surprise as it enhances cleavage and provides support - whilst the classic all in one achieved 35% of the vote. Newer styles such as skirtinis and boyshorts are creeping in there too showing Brits are not afraid to be adventurous and explore.” Said Alicky Brown, Head Buyer Trixan Body

Rob Phillips’ tips for summer, resort or cruise swimwear SS12:

1. Know your body shape, proportion and especially fit. Make sure that you try on items before you hit the beach – use underwear sizes as a guide.

2. Posture is everything. You don't need a Baywatch body to look good poolside! The biggest killer to all fashion is bad posture, lazy shoulders, slouching and dragging feet. Instead, hold your head high, pull those shoulders back, tuck that tummy in and walk tall!

3. Confidence is key. The swimwear season particularly relies on this and not just in attitude but in clothing. Be playful and adventurous with your choices.

4. Be brave with colour, print and texture. Hold pieces/colours against your skin in daylight and see if the colour works with your skin tone. A bold colour statement on the right skin tone will diffuse people looking at the body bits you dislike.

5. It’s all about the detail. All in ones with cut out detailing in specific areas of the body look sexy in a demure, teasing way. Racer backs show off great shoulder lines, high over hip cuts show proud thighs and a tie or clasp halter neck with plummeting neckline will draw frontal attention to any chest size!

6. Accessorise! If your swim choices are bold, a softer approach to accessories is probably wise. If you’re minimal then you could afford some statement pieces. If body conscious then wear light, loose layers be it a kaftan, maxi jersey dress or a flowing sarong.

7. Be practical. Think about where you are going and what you are doing. If you are heading to the pool or beach and your activities are more strenuous than a paddle you may wish to avoid items that come loose and accidentally show all.

8. Support. Remember swimwear needs to hold you in and up. There are styles galore for you to choose from, but remember you know you best. Assert yourself to find out what's good for you, what suits you and which areas you want to flatter.

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