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Don’t let your festival spirit be dampened by tent thieves

31st May 2011 Print

With thousands of people planning to enjoy this year's festival season, comparison site urges all Brits to think about what cover they have in place to protect them while they party away from home.

Insuring your possessions

As festival revellers prepare for this year's round of music, mud and moshing, they need to consider protecting their possessions against theft, loss or damage. Research by found cover for personal possessions while away from the home can be tagged on to home contents insurance for a small additional cost. With the RAC, for example, home contents insurance which includes cover for possessions away from home stands at £97.40 a year; giving festival-goers the piece of mind their personal possessions will be covered. Brits should also be aware it's important to check the small print of the policy as some insurers will not cover camping equipment as standard.

Julie Owens, head of home insurance at said: "Whether heading to the big headline festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading, or to a smaller festival such as Kendal Calling, revellers will be looking forward to getting into the party spirit. It's important Brits are on their guard against opportunistic thieves; tents will often be left unguarded for hours at a time, so as well as making sure valuables are kept with you at all times as your insurance may not cover you. If you are unfortunate enough to be victim of theft, many home contents policies will cover you for items such as iPods and iPhones. Spending the extra cash to ensure you are protected is a small price to pay to enjoy festival fun with peace of mind."

Festivals abroad

For those combining a festival experience with a trip abroad, such as the Spanish festival Benicassim which takes place in July, Brits should also think about travel insurance. The cost of cover doesn't have to break the bank and is available from providers such as Cheaper Travel Insurance and Virgin Money for under £10 a week.

Motor breakdown

Motorists hitting the road to reach their festival destination this year should also think about having motor breakdown cover in place. In the unfortunate event that your car does break down while on the road, having the right cover in place could ensure you don't miss out on all the fun. UK breakdown cover is available from under £30 with The Green Insurance Company which also includes caravan cover.

Julie Owens continued: "The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck at the side of the road with little choice but to listen to your destination festival on the radio. Having motor breakdown is an essential add-on for any motorist. Before setting off, it's important festival goers check their policies carefully so they know exactly what is covered. For example, making sure a policy includes onward travel to ensure they make it to hear their favourite bands, even if they breakdown on their way."'s top tips for festival fun:

Don't take expensive clothing or jewellery with you - you won't need them - especially as insurer ‘single article' limits (the maximum amount the insurer will pay out on any single item you are claiming for) are usually around £1,000 or £1,500. Consider taking a disposable camera, to cut down on risk of damage, loss or theft.

Report lost or stolen money to the Police within 24 hours - a condition in some policies which otherwise will not pay out.

Keep your most valuable possessions with you at all times, and stick together in groups - you are less likely to be a target of mugging or theft. But don't keep all your money in one pocket.

Don't make your pitch at the bottom of a hill, since rainwater (and much worse) could end up streaming its way into your tent.

Look at whether your credit card offers you any form of protection for accommodation or travel cancellation.

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