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Rhodes: Eat like a local

6th June 2011 Print
Rhodes: Eat like a local

Greece is famous for its food around the world – but there’s more to Greek cuisine than just feta cheese, olives and Greek salad.

More than a quarter of a million Brits visit Rhodes every year – and if you want to sample some of the flavours that Greeks love, then don’t leave the island without trying the following: they are easy to find and will not blow your budget…

Freddo: In the summer the weather gets too scorching to have a hot drink. What you will see everyone drinking is called ‘freddo’, a cold version of either cappuccino or espresso. In typical Greek fashion, you will not be asked how much sugar you take, you just state whether you prefer it ‘sweet’, ‘medium’ or ‘plain’. Price: €3 - €5 (depending on where you are having it!)

Koulouri: What pretzel is to New Yorkers, koulouri is for Greeks. A small round bread covered in sesame seeds, usually you will be able to choose between a crunchy and a softer version. Easy to grab – and fill your appetite in between meals – you will find it in (almost) every corner. Price: €0.50.

Mini pies: These delicious filo pastry snacks are available in bakeries all over the island. Although a variety of flavours are now available, the classic ones are filled with either feta cheese or spinach – or, if you have a sweet tooth, go for a ‘bougatsa’, with a custard-type cream (and when asked for extra sugar and cinnamon just say yes). Price: Between €2 and €3.

Souvlaki: The Greek answer to kebab – only here it is made of pork, not lamb. Marinated in Mediterranean herds, you can opt either for ‘gyros’ (wrapped in pitta bread that looks – and tastes – nothing like the pitta bread in the UK) or ‘kalamaki’ (a skewer drenched in lemon and oregano). This is Greeks’ favourite choice for dinner. Price: about €2 each.

Loukoumades: Also referred to as Greek doughnuts, this sweet, soft dough balls are covered in honey and cinnamon. Popular particularly during festivals and the summer holidays, combine them with some ice cream on the side for extra sweetness – or, for a modern twist, try them with nutella! Price: about €4 per portion.

Tom Panagos, PR Manager for Rhodes Tourism in the UK, says:

“If you’ve been to Rhodes you know that food is a big part of the culture! More and more visitors these days like to savour local flavours when they are on holiday – so where better to give it a try than in a country like Greece?”

He continues:

“Even if you are staying at an all-inclusive hotel do take some time out to wander around the island and try some local flavours – and remind yourself why Greek food is known – and applauded – across the world!”

For more information about the island of Rhodes, visit:

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Rhodes: Eat like a local