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Wrapex’s Prowrap aluminium foil for better BBQs

13th June 2011 Print
Prowrap foil

During the warm weather there is always a demand for BBQ food, so it is great opportunity to offer something different to attract more customers and increase profits over the summer months. Outdoor cooking can be a difficult and messy task, but using aluminium foil reduces the stress and mess, and improves the quality of the food.

However standard aluminium foil can be brittle and easily tear, especially when being used on the BBQ. Wrapex’s Prowrap premium foil range is strong and thick, to prevent these sort of problems.

When wrapped in Wrapex’s Prowrap premium foil, food is kept moist and the flavours blend together. This is especially useful when cooking delicate foods such as fish. Very simply place the fish with herbs and any other ingredients on a piece of foil large enough to make a parcel and place it on the BBQ. The result is mouth-watering, moist fish ready to be served up.

Premium aluminium foil can also be used to bake potatoes. By wrapping the potatoes in the foil they can be directly placed onto the coals or grill, occasionally being turned over. Because the foil is strong the chef doesn’t need to worry about it splitting, therefore it can be left slowly cooking on the BBQ until the inside is fluffy.

Aluminium foil is also useful for lining the service area of the grill, so that time is not wasted on cleaning.

Prowrap premium foil comes in a sturdy dispensing pack and is available as either 300mm x 75mm or 450mm x 75mm rolls and either extra or ultra thick. There is also a bigger 600mm x 140 mm roll in the extra thick range.

Prowrap is the catering division of Wrapex Limited.  The Prowrap range of cling film, aluminium foil, baking parchment and accessories is available via distributors and cash and carry outlets.

For more information or to find your local stockist, visit

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Prowrap foil