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Sharm El Sheikh remains popular with divers

4th July 2011 Print

In spite of the country’s problems earlier in the year, Sharm El Sheikh has increased its strength as a divers’ paradise according to 2011 search figures from compared with the same period in 2010.

With Sharm leading the way, the UK’s leading website for flight price comparison maps out the world’s Top 10 Dive Sites at:

Salsa alongside the fishes of Cuba, enjoy the Luau après scuba in Hawaii or take some underwater snaps of the world’s best coral in Sharm El Sheikh.  Divers, snorkelers, and holidaymakers in general, can explore whatever splendours tickle their salt water taste buds from a list of world class diving destinations.

1. Sharm El Sheikh

Famous for its exquisite variety of coral, Sharm El Sheikh’s marine life residents include clownfish, sea eels, and blacktip reef sharks.  Not to mention all of the land activities visitors can enjoy après scuba, including a lively culture and bustling nightlife. Daylight offers horse and camel riding, desert safaris, and antiquity attractions while there are numerous night clubs, casinos, bars, and restaurants to enjoy at night.

“In the current economy where budget and keeping ground costs low remain a top priority, the Red Sea is a perfect diving and holiday spot. Marine life aside, Sharm boasts some of the best wreck diving in the world. For example, diving the Thistlegorm, which was a military supply ship, offers the surreal experience of swimming past motorbikes, jeeps and even wellington boots that are still lined up perfectly as though they were on their way to their next port of call,” says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for

2. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

The most famous dive site in the world, this is a marine world of colossal proportions - not only in the physical sense but also in terms of what is has to offer. Apart from being visible from outer space, it is home to more than 400 variations of coral and 1,500 species of fish including dolphins, sea turtles, whales and many more.  But keep in mind that the volume of this site means diving requires planning, so consult a professional diving centre when planning your journey.  For those seeking adventure outside the water, there are plenty of activities to satisfy such as sightseeing, hot air balloon tours and island day trips.

3. Scuba in Cuba

If your sea quest is inclined more towards the Latin scene, consider Maria la Gorda in the Pinar Del Rio province west of Havana and the Jardines de la Reina Islands in the south.  Abundant in coral and a colourful array of fish, Maria la Gorda, which translates to mean “Mary the Fat”, is home to around 50 diving spots where divers can enjoy the aquatic scenery within crystal clear waters. The diversity of fish also makes this spot ideal for underwater photography. Land activities include hiking, ecotourism, nature-walks, water sports, excursions to neighbouring resorts, and much more.

4. Sublime Swimming in the Maldives

Delve into the turquoise depths of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives.  This idyllic setting of luminously clear waters is home to ten different dive sites ranging from the flat reef experience of Kuda Haa Girifushi Thila to the deep exploits of Rasfari.  Those seeking more thrill than calm can try a wall drift among the strong currents at Banana Reef. If your adventure warrants a mix of wet and dry activity, the Maldives offers a wealth of spas, miles of white sandy beaches, mouth-watering food, and lots of islands to explore.  Bottom line, relaxation is the name of the game on this fantasy island.

5. Malaysian Borneo

Not a destination you read about every day, Malaysian Borneo is a dive spot for more advanced and adventurous divers. In the northern part of Borneo lies a tiny island in the middle of the Celebes Sea called Sipadan Island, which was formed by living corals atop an extinct undersea volcano. Famous for its hawksbill and green turtles, the island is visited by schools of barracuda and mackerel as well as hammerhead and whale sharks. Its out of water activities are as daring as those under water and include exploring the legendary rainforests, mountain climbing, visiting the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, taking a jungle safari or touring the various national parks.

To peruse the full list of diving sites, visit: