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New car care plans are designed to go the distance

13th July 2011 Print

An end to "oversold and under-performing" car protection plans has been signalled by major national used car retailer ACF Car Finance.

The company has announced two new products, both developed in conjunction with RAC Warranty.

They are a new maintenance and breakdown warranty, and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) cover, both giving comprehensive protection which won't run out of road if a claim is made.

At just £175.00 each, says ACF Car Finance, the products are extremely competitively priced.

The warranty covers vehicles up to ten years old and with up to 100,000 miles on the clock, and is based on RAC Warranty's top "platinum" level of cover with RAC membership.

It includes the cost of replacing virtually any mechanical or electrical component which fails, even extending to the air-conditioning and turbocharger where fitted.

The GAP cover, in the event of a write-off, will pay the difference between the settlement figure from the finance provider, and the amount covered by the owner's private motor insurance.

But unlike most GAP products - also known as financial shortfall cover - it also protects other specified "extras" bought at the time of the car's purchase, such as a paint protection system, and the car's warranty.

According to Richard Cox, head of motor operations at The Funding Corporation of which ACF Car Finance is a part, the bar has now been raised for all retailers of second-hand vehicles: "We have closely examined the shortfalls which are most often highlighted by consumers with regard to warranties and GAP cover, and have worked with RAC Warranty to address the issues which cause the greatest dissatisfaction among purchasers," said Richard.

The keen pricing, he states, points to the company's wish to help customers "future-proof" their purchases, and says that showroom staff are not being strongly incentivised to sell the plans.

Richard also emphasises that a one-off initial payment by the car buyer covers the cost of the products in full, and that the amounts are not bundled up in the loan.

Helping ACF Car Finance to develop its new products was Ian Simpson, sales and marketing director of The Warranty Group which works in conjunction with RAC Warranty: "The principles of fairness apply to every aspect of our warranties and GAP cover, and customer trust in our products has helped The Warranty Group become a world-class provider.

"We're delighted that ACF Car Finance has partnered with us to give the best possible protection to their car buyers, and to provide them with long-term peace of mind," said Ian.

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