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The automatic way to higher gearbox repair bills

Cars with automatic transmissions are more likely to fail and when they do they are more expensive to fix than their manual counterparts, according to automotive specialist, Warranty Direct.

Subaru extends new car warranty

Subaru extends new car warranty

Subaru has taken the decision to change its aftercare programme on new cars, in response to feedback from dealers and customers.

Warranty Direct names Lancer most reliable car

Warranty Direct names Lancer most reliable car

The Mitsubishi Lancer has been revealed as the most reliable car of the last 15 years, according to automotive warranty specialist, Warranty Direct.

Warranty Wrap: Covers the parts other policies cannot reach

Warranty specialist, Warranty Direct, has launched a unique ‘top-up’ policy, which augments existing cover by providing peace of mind where the original warranty falls short.

A warranty really can last a lifetime for Vauxhall owners

A warranty really can last a lifetime for Vauxhall owners

Vauxhall’s Lifetime Warranty has just celebrated one year on the market, with more than 207,000 owners benefitting from the groundbreaking offer since it was launched in August 2010.

The car parts most likely to fail this summer

Motorists could be hit by 10% higher repair bills as summer takes its toll on car reliability, according to data revealed today.

European cars provide electric shock

The car most likely to suffer an electrical fault is the Renault Megane, with a staggering one in three sustaining a malfunction each year, according to Warranty Direct.

New car care plans are designed to go the distance

An end to "oversold and under-performing" car protection plans has been signalled by major national used car retailer ACF Car Finance.

Warranty Direct in arresting new cop car project

Warranty Direct in arresting new cop car project

Warranty Direct has expanded further the eclectic range of cars it covers by teaming up with a new company importing genuine ex-US police force cars into the UK.

Top ten car brands that generate the fewest warranty claims

Warranty specialist, MB&G has drawn on its comprehensive database of warranty claims, to compile an informed list of car brands that have generated the fewest claims over the past year, giving an indication of car brand reliability.

Avoid being ‘one in a million’ with a free MOT test

Industry leading direct to consumer car warranty provider, Warranty Direct, has teamed up with Kwik Fit to offer drivers of three-year old cars the chance to get their first MOT test fee for free.

‘Pay as you go’ warranty for Volkswagen owners

Mondial Assistance UK has introduced a new range of pay as you go warranty options for Volkswagen drivers to suit different driving needs and budgets, with the launch of a new extended online Extended Warranty product.

Motorists facing unwanted £1.6bn repair bill

One in three British motorists will share a £1.6bn unwanted repair bill this year, with some facing bills as high as £7,239, according to new data.

Peugeot 207 is most reliable European car

As Europe’s leading motoring showcase, the Geneva Motor Show, comes to a close, Warranty Direct has revealed that the most reliable car to come out of our great continent is the Peugeot 207.

Warranty Direct backs ‘oarsome’ Oxford ladies

Warranty Direct backs ‘oarsome’ Oxford ladies

The UK’s leading provider of direct automotive warranties, Reading-based Warranty Direct, has thrown its weight behind the Oxford University Women’s Boat Club team.