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Kia brings peace of mind back to motoring

Kia brings peace of mind back to motoring

Nowadays people want more from their car than just a means of getting from A to B, they expect safety, reliability and an enjoyable motoring experience. In light of the current car safety crisis, it’s comforting to know that one car maker above all others, is committed to providing long-term peace of mind for motorists.

Mondial Assistance launches iPhone app

As a leader in bespoke roadside assistance and warranty services, Mondial Assistance is bringing 21st century SmartPhone technology to the UK assistance industry, with the launch of Direct Assist.

Ferrari to offer 24 month warranty on approved cars

Ferrari to offer 24 month warranty on approved cars

Ferrari have announced a 24-month Power Warranty on all Ferrari Approved cars purchased through the Official Ferrari Dealer network.

Ford parts - genuinely better

Ford parts - genuinely better

Ford genuine parts come with reliability and warranty assurances, as well as being environmentally and safety verified, research shows.

Put the brakes on MOT repair bills

Motorists could save themselves thousands of pounds in repair bills for failures that only come to light during standard MOT or service procedures, claims leading warranty supplier, Warranty Direct.

Mercedes ‘pay as you go’ warranty boosts retailer opportunities

Mercedes ‘pay as you go’ warranty boosts retailer opportunities

Just four months since the launch of Mercedes-Benz Online Warranty, 40% of its approved used customers have opted to pay monthly, benefiting from flexible levels of cover as and when they need it most, plus the ability to cease payments as and when they change their vehicle.

Every Kia gets a seven year warranty

Every Kia gets a seven year warranty

Kia is kicking off 2010 by extending its unique seven-year warranty to all its cars – delivering Europe’s best manufacturer-backed protection for new car buyers.

Calls for government to get a grip as icy roads cause chaos

This week’s chaos on the roads must be avoided in future, according to automotive warranty specialist, Warranty Direct.

Vehicle warranty provider AutoProtect adopts the Code

Motor Codes is pleased to announce that AutoProtect has become the latest key player to adopt the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Vehicle Warranty Products.

Turbo engines accelerate vehicle repair costs

Once the badge of the boy racer, turbos will be fitted to more than 70 percent of new cars in the UK within the next 10 years, experts predict.

Kia’s used warranty matches new

Not content with offering the best new car warranty in Europe – Kia Motors has gone even further, now offering up to seven year’s warranty, even on a used car!

Drivers paying through the nose for bad habits

Motorists could be shelling out thousands of pounds repairing damage resulting from their own bad driving and car maintenance habits, recent research reveals.

Car repairs covered as Tesco launches three new warranties

Tesco Personal Finance, one of the UK's leading providers of car insurance and breakdown assistance, is launching three new car warranty plans to help families keep costs down in these uncertain economic times.

SsangYong: MB&G to provide extended warranty in Northern Ireland

SsangYong distributor Koelliker UK, has appointed MB&G Insurance to provide extended warranties on its product range in Northern Ireland.

BMW launch new range of Insured Warranty products

BMW – in conjunction with Mondial Assistance - is now offering a new range of Insured Warranty products.