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New car this September? Focus on security

26th August 2011 Print

As excited buyers of new cars take charge of their investment this September plate change, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert TRACKER is urging them to ensure it is fully protected against theft. The number of stolen vehicles never recovered stands at almost 50%. However, well over 90% of stolen vehicles fitted with a TRACKER device are returned to their owners and 80% of these are recovered within 24 hours.
“The cost of a TRACKER device is a fraction of the cost of losing a car for good,” explains Stuart Chapman, Police Relationship Manager for TRACKER.  “If you have bought a new car this September, and this time next year it is stolen, you may end out of pocket as well as without your car.  In a worse case scenario you could end up only getting 60-70% of the car's value and if you’ve just spent £30,000 on it, you could find yourself out of pocket by £12,000.   If your insurer does pay you the full ticket value, who's to say the make and model you had is now available? It is therefore vital when making a significant investment you protect your pride and joy by fitting a TRACKER SVR device.  Insurance may never cover the full cost of replacing a new vehicle, so we urge car owners to be safe not sorry.”
With TRACKER, vehicle owners gain a robust stolen vehicle recovery solution, which can significantly increase the chances of their car being found by police and returned should it be stolen. TRACKER utilises GSM, GPS and VHF technology to ensure the speedy recovery of a vehicle. Unlike other tracking systems, the device works even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage or shipping container, offering car owners the ultimate in peace of mind should the worst happen.
Stuart Chapman concludes, “TRACKER is the only stolen vehicle recovery provider working with all 52 police forces in the UK, offering the ultimate protection. After buying their dream car, we advise people to reassess their security measures. Installing a tracking device should result in the speedy recovery of their vehicle in the event of it being stolen, making it the best defence against criminals.”