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Top-tips to BBQ success from US BBQ master, Adam Perry-Lang

30th August 2011 Print

The ‘Great British BBQ Study’ has revealed that millions of Britons are increasingly turning to more exotic dishes like succulent steaks, marinated lamb, grilled halloumi and fancy salads to liven up their outdoor feasts and impress family and friends. 

The study from Red Tractor beef and lamb shows that Britons’ BBQs have hotted up from 5 years ago, when more than half would have opted for traditional sausages, sauces and salads. Instead, 60% of us are now choosing more impressive cuts of meat, seasoned steaks and herbed sausages in order to satisfy our palates. 

A quarter of households say that they have become more adventurous with their outdoor culinary skills, while half have “had enough of having the same thing every year”.

Although this picture reveals that many of us are getting to grips with our BBQ tongs, many of us still have a long way to go, with one in twenty saying they burn something every time they try their hand at al fresco cooking, a quarter saying they have experienced a BBQ disaster, and 1 in 5 saying the main cause of BBQ stress is worrying about poisoning guests with undercooked meat.

And it looks like it’s the boys who might be the ones to get really competitive, as it’s also pretty clear from the study that men still think they’re in charge of the BBQ.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of men admit to being competitive when it comes to BBQing

A whopping 44% of men say that a BBQ is a “man’s domain”

16% of men say that someone offering to ‘help’ with your BBQ is trying to ‘steal your thunder’

So, as we get set for a sizzling summer at the barbecue grills, US Master BBQ expert Adam Perry Lang has joined forces with Red Tractor beef and lamb to help us become a nation of better barbecuers.  Adam is launching a new “Beat my BBQ” Facebook app – a competitive dining tool to challenge your friends – and @BBQ_SOS, twitter barbecue crisis support service for real-time live advice from a team of grilling experts.