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Peugeot calls on drivers to be vigilant as school bell rings in new term

1st September 2011 Print
Peugeot 308

Now the school Summer holidays are coming to an end, Peugeot wants to remind motorists that by using a speed-limiter fitted to most cars, they can drive safely, enjoy better fuel economy and protect their licence, and at this time should be extra vigilant especially around schools at peak times.
Peugeot is calling on its customers, or indeed drivers of any vehicle equipped with speed limiters, to set them to 20mph when driving near schools or entering residential areas.
The system, equipped as standard to most Peugeot models, electronically prevents drivers from exceeding speeds they personally set.
Morgan Lecoupeur, Director of Marketing for Peugeot UK, said: “Excessive speed is widely regarded as the number one contributor of road accidents, and keeping a speed below 20 mph makes total sense when driving in residential areas or near schools.
“However, maintaining 20 mph or lower in a modern car is taxing in itself, but in truth it needn’t have to be due to speed limiters fitted to most new models. Once a desired speed is set, our system prevents the driver from exceeding that velocity.”

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Peugeot 308