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100% ethical chocolate with the best beans on earth

14th October 2011 Print

Kallari is a unique chocolate made with Ecuador Nacional Arriba beans by a farmers´ cooperative that proudly harvests, markets and enjoys all profits from their own chocolate brand.  A giant leap ahead of standard Fair Trade practices, as it achieves higher levels of solidarity and income for the 850 families involved, while preserving one of Earth´s most important climate protective eco-systems, the Amazonian Rainforest.

The world at large benefits as Kallari Cooperative has demonstrated that the revolutionary concept of local food applies to chocolate. Kallari cacao beans spend only three months between harvest and destination. This comparative freshness of the beans guarantees higher quality flavour to the consumer.

The fresh taste and absence of bitterness in each KALLARI bar is born in home gardens amongst palm, bananas, hardwoods, and fruit trees, as well as scores of edible and medicinal plants.  The Cacao Nacional found in the Kallari communities earned international recognition when Slow Food International selected it for the prestigious Presidium Award in 2004 as a heirloom bean.

Kallari chocolate is intensely flavorful, yet delicate, with an extended finish including notes of mahogany, cloves and passion fruit, comes in a selection of 70%, 75% and 85% cacao bars.  See where to buy at

Chocofest is a British Ecuadorian company supplying a range of premium chocolate products sourced directly from cooperatives in Ecuador. Chocofest work with single origin chocolate, which means that they know the farmers who grow, dry and ferment the cacao, as well as the chocolate makers who process the beans. This enables Chocofest to monitor the products from tree to bean to bar, thus guaranteeing quality throughout the production chain.