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Log on for the first time during National Get Online Week

2nd November 2011 Print

This week is National Get Online Week 2011, and whilst more and more Brits are now switched on to the benefits of a life lived online, there are still millions more who have yet to take their first step into the world wide web.

Michael Phillips, product director at commented: "It still surprises me to hear of people who are not online and just last week saw the news from BT that 20% of UK adults have never even sent an email before. This is a staggering statistic highlighting just how many British consumers are not taking advantage of the powerful platform that broadband offers for work, education, socialising, entertainment and financial management.

"Broadband is now an essential utility for the majority of households and is incredibly useful when it comes to saving money. The cheapest deals for anything ranging from clothing and food to flights and household bills can almost exclusively be accessed online offering hundreds of pounds in savings, so the Great Unconnected really can't afford to ignore the internet any longer. A broadband connection can change the way you live for the better and it doesn't have to cost the earth."'s top tips for getting online:

1. Connection availability - Unfortunately not all regions of the UK are able to receive a broadband connection yet. Ask a friend who does have an internet connection to do a postcode search for you using an Ofcom-accredited price comparison site, and see what broadband providers will service your area.  

2. Computer or laptop? - First and foremost if you want to get online you will need a computer or laptop. If you don't already have one there are relatively inexpensive options available.

3. Fixed line or mobile? - There are two types of broadband connection: fixed line and mobile.  A fixed line connection tends to be more reliable and faster with more robust download limits, however you will need an active phone line to take advantage of this. If you haven't got a line and the cost of installation isn't something you want to pay for, consider going mobile. You can use your connection wherever you go at home or on your travels - much like in the way you would use a mobile phone.  

4. Assess your needs - When choosing your broadband package, do bear in mind how you are planning to use it. If you just want to search the web and send a few emails you will only need a basic package. If you are planning on watching a lot of online TV or streaming a lot of music, you will need a broadband package that can support that kind of usage without hitting you with download penalties such as an unlimited package.

5. Value for money - The number of broadband providers has soared in recent years and the increased competition has meant the price of broadband has been driven downwards. Gone are the days when a broadband connection was expensive. Consumers can now enjoy prices starting from £2.99 per month. A postcode search on an Ofcom-accredited comparison website will show you all the deals that are available in your area.