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Bite back at home phone hikes with UK's cheapest line rental

30th November 2011 Print

Primus deal offers savings of up to £80 from annual phone bill, available exclusively through

As we near the end of another year, the festive Christmas spend is well-underway for many households. Money management is top of the news agenda but despite consumer's attempts to trim back costs it seems the only way is up for most household bills. In 2011 there have been 11 separate price increases from home phone providers and the average line rental now costs some £160 per year.

Michael Phillips, product director at commented: "The inexorable increase in line rental cost we have seen this year from home phone providers has been very disappointing. Worryingly, line rental is often the household bill that gets forgotten, but as prices have soared it is now a considerable monthly outgoing and there are big savings that can be made.

"For example, Primus offers the UK's cheapest line rental deal (Primus Line Rental Saver) for only £6.49 per month, which can give savings of over £80 a year compared with other mainstream providers, and is ideal for households that primarily use their line rental for broadband purposes and make infrequent calls from their landline. For those that make more calls, Primus also offers the Home Phone Saver package for just £7.99 per month which includes free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.

"The smaller providers have made great strides in recent years but if you prefer to stay with a major brand name, there is usually a ‘pay upfront' option that provides a discount to customers who pay their annual bill in one go.

"Household income is being squeezed from every side and every penny counts - so it is essential that consumers don't take these price hikes lying down. If you haven't switched home phone provider in a year or more then check what deals are available in your area; you may be surprised by what you can save."'s top tips on cutting your phone bills:

1. Pay by direct debit - Nearly all providers discourage payment other than direct debit, meaning you could save up to £5 per month by switching to direct debit payments. If direct debit isn't an option for you then the Post Office accepts payment by various means with no additional charges.

2. Go for paperless billing - Some providers offer useful savings if you receive your statements online, not by post and you'll also be doing your bit for the environment.

3. Check the small print - If you're tied to a 12 or 18 month contract, you may be faced with exit fees if you want to switch before the contract term ends. Check any fees and switch to a better deal if it makes financial sense to move.

4. Pay upfront - Some providers will offer a considerable discount on your yearly line rental bill if you pay up front in one go. For example, BT's line rental saver offers an annual saving of over £55 per year compared to standard monthly payments.

5. Compare: Check your current package against the up to date deals through an Ofcom-accredited price comparison site.