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Romania reports cheapest ski resort prices this winter

11th January 2012 Print

Winter athletes looking to pay less for an overnight stay in a standard double room in the snow, will find Eastern European destinations significantly less expensive than those in the Alps. Despite high price premiums compared to last month, travellers to Romania, Poland and Bulgaria will find lower prices than those headed to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

This month, Poiana Brasov, Romania is offering overnight stays for an average cost of 79 pounds per night, a 36 percent increase from last month. The Polish ski towns of Szczyrk (£53) and Zakopane (£65), are also reporting price increases between 21-22 percent, compared to December 2011. While those headed to Bansko, Bulgaria will find hotel rooms for an average rate of 60 pounds per night (up 20 percent).

For a stark contrast in price, Swiss destinations such as Gstaad (£326, up 39 compared to last month) and Zermatt (£238, up 24 percent) present the most expensive hotel rooms in winter sports regions this month. The Austrian ski resorts in Kitzbuhel (£304, up 44 percent), Ischgl (£243, up 32 percent) and St. Anthony (£242, up 46 percent) are also reporting prices increases greatly surpassing those of the previous month. In the French Nobel ski resorts, Val d'Isere (£281, up 47 percent) and Courchevel (£267, up 39 percent), travellers are likewise paying high-priced rates for accommodation— as can also be seen in the German mountain resorts of Oberstdorf (£175) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (£141)— with pricing increases of 36 percent and 16 percent. Although slightly lower than the above, the German town of Winterberg is also reporting a rise in rates—January travellers can expect to pay an average of 116 pounds (up 28 percent).

Europe: Cities reporting record lows

Compared to last month, European hotel prices have dropped in January by around three percent to 88 pounds. The Greek capital Athens has dropped to 63 pounds (down one percent from last month), the lowest figure since recording the tHPI (May 2008). With an average of 135 pounds, the hotel industry in London reports the lowest price for an overnight stay in a standard double room since February 2011, a 13 percent drop in price compared to last month. In Barcelona,  overnight rates reached their lowest level since December 2009, reporting 80 pounds per night— seven percent lower than the reported rate in December 2011. Even Rome (£89, down seven percent), Istanbul (£ 79, down seven per cent) and Amsterdam (£ 99, minus five percent) recorded their lowest accommodation prices since February 2011.

UK: All major UK cities reporting lows

At the start of 2012, all major UK cities— for the first time since April 2009— are reporting price reductions in the tHPI this month. The UK capitols of London (£135), Edinburgh (£89), Cardiff (£71) and the Irish capitol, Dublin (£70) are all reporting decreases in price this month between 11 – 15 percent compared to last month. Manchester (£84), Glasgow (£70), Newcastle (£73), Bristol (£74) and Leeds (£66) are likewise all reporting price reductions greater than 10 percent when compared to December 2011. Only Liverpool (£77), the seaside destination of Blackpool (£55), Birmingham (£70) and Sheffield (£64) are among those offering lowered prices this month with reductions less than 10 percent.

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