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New Autoglym Super Resin Polish outperforms all rivals

12th January 2012 Print
Autoglym New Super Resin Polish

Autoglym has launched an all-new formulation of Super Resin Polish, the UK’s most popular car polish.  In development for more than two years, the new product raises the bar for retail car polishes, significantly out-performing all known rivals.
New Super Resin Polish imparts an unprecedented depth of shine, exceeding that achieved by its predecessor and all current competitors.  Its durability is also greatly enhanced, beading for three times longer than the previous generation Super Resin Polish, and more than twice as long as its nearest competitor.
The new Super Resin Polish retains the attributes for which its predecessor was renowned, remaining very easy to use while gently and effectively removing harmful surface contaminants and rejuvenating lightly deteriorated and swirled paintwork.
Autoglym invested heavily in its R&D laboratory in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, ahead of the development of the new polish.  Its highly experienced technologists and Technical Services Specialists then undertook an exhaustive development and test programme to create a product worthy of bearing the iconic Super Resin Polish name.  The resulting formulation contains a complex blend of silicones, waxes, hydrocarbons, and cleansing agents.
Autoglym’s new Super Resin Polish is available in 325ml (RRP £10.50), 500ml (RRP £12.50) and 1 litre (RRP £15.99) bottles, and is on sale from motor accessory shops.  To celebrate its launch, new Super Resin Polish will be sold for a limited period in special packs that include, free of charge, a premium quality Autoglym Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth, worth £7.99 (RRP), to help produce the very best results.
Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym, says: “It is testament to the quality of the original formulation that Super Resin Polish retains such a loyal fan base after almost fifty years.  But we recognise that the competition has become stronger, car paintwork has evolved, and new technically-advanced ingredients have become available since the product became a pioneer in the category.
“With the most taxing brief we’ve ever given them, our laboratory technologists have spent two years perfecting this new formulation,” continues Caller.  “Everyone at our Letchworth facility is very proud of the result.  It not only significantly raises the performance benchmark for car polishes and will carry the iconic Super Resin Polish product name into a new era, but it also leads the introduction of a new look and feel for the entire Autoglym brand.  It will play a crucial role in the future success of our retail range.”
Leading Autoglym’s evolutionary rebrand
Such is the significance of Super Resin Polish to Autoglym that the launch of the new formulation leads the introduction of revised branding and labelling for the British company’s retail range.  With contemporary fonts and a metallic, deeper red square for the Autoglym logo, the brand has been evolved and updated while retaining its signature clean, white packaging.
The new square Autoglym logo bears a graduated depth of colour to illustrate the shine delivered by its polish, and features a darker, richer red colour to emphasise the premium positioning of the brand in the car care category.  Each retail product line will still bear a uniquely-coloured version of the Autoglym logo.
The new product label – rolling out across the entire retail range – retains the classic clean white Autoglym look while adopting a contemporary typeface that modernises the face of the label.  The label still bears the two Royal Warrants of Appointment, as well as a prominent Union Jack shield to highlight that Autoglym’s products are made in Great Britain.
Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym, explains: “Of our 50-strong retail range of products, Super Resin Polish is the most iconic, the one most closely associated with Autoglym.  As a result, the launch of the new formulation provided the ideal opportunity to introduce a new corporate identity, branding and label design.
“The new look and feel of the brand is evolutionary, building on the current themes and updating them, rather than abandoning such a successful formula, but it is the first major overhaul in our presentation for over fifty years and is highly significant.  The product labels update our enduring premium market positioning and highlight our British heritage.  It’s a fitting new presentation for the brand as we look to further success in the future.”

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Autoglym New Super Resin Polish