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Car and van hire by the hour

24th January 2012 Print

Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe, has taken another innovative step to make car hire more convenient and cost-effective for drivers.  It is the first car hire company in the UK to launch car and van hire by the hour, giving individuals and businesses even more choice and flexibility, as well as vital cost-savings over daily car hire.
Starting at just £10 an hour* for car hire and £11 an hour* for van hire, Europcar’s new Hourly Hire Service delivers top quality vehicle hire on demand.  As Ken McCall, Managing Director, Europcar UK Group explains, this unique new service responds to the pressure on family and business finances.
“Car hire can be an incredibly flexible alternative to public transport, especially with the recent fare rises that have been introduced.  But we know that some motorists may be put off by having to commit to the cost of a full day’s hire, which has always been the traditional way this service has been charged.
“With our new Hourly Hire Service we wanted to break the rules to give motorists more flexibility – and take away the barrier of cost.  We are, therefore, offering busy travellers the ultimate in convenience, as well as taking the stress and expense out of owning a car in the city.”
Europcar’s Hourly Van Hire service is also the perfect solution for those quick turn-around journeys, perhaps picking up furniture or materials for DIY.
“This is an exciting new addition to the range of services we offer our customers” continued Ken McCall. “Once again, Europcar is setting the standard for innovative vehicle hire solutions. Now customers can select a service to meet their specific needs and their budget.
“Whether it’s picking up a friend from the station, a quick shopping trip or using a van to move a piece of furniture, our hourly service means they just pay for the hours they need. It is the perfect complement to our standard vehicle hire service, as we continue to bring our customers more choice. Quality, flexible vehicle hire at a price to suit every budget.”
*Minimum of 2 hour hire and maximum of 8 hours hire – Monday to Friday check-outs only and only Monday to Wednesday for Central London check-outs.  Van hire excludes all airports.