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Can garden villages help improve the UK’s housing crisis?

The state of the UK’s housing sector is a point of contention for everyone, from people in government to members of the public.

Top property hotspots revealed in the Selling Points Index 2018

Top property hotspots revealed in the Selling Points Index 2018

The Selling Points Index 2018 has unveiled what cities are the most desirable for buyers and offer the best conditions for sellers to get a good price.

How climate change is changing architectural design

Generally, our population is now living longer, and as climate change threatens the existence of our planet, we’ve come to realise that it is time to carefully consider the future.

Top tips when designing your own commercial building

Of course, you know you won’t really be designing your own commercial building because you are not an architect or industrial designer, but you can have a say in what you want to incorporate into your design.

Does the budget go far enough for social housing?

While housing has been high on the political agenda recently, and significant focus was given to it at this week’s budget, specialist lawyers ask whether the new measures go far enough, particularly with regards to affordable housing.

London still top business location for start-ups and SME’s

New research by London Executive Offices (LEO) has found that 64% of business executives would chose London as their desired business location.

3 unusual uses for steel buildings

For business owners, there are many different uses for steel buildings, which just shows how flexible they are as a building structure.

The long-term cost of owning your own home - is it worth it?

Buying a property in today’s market isn’t easy; especially if you’re looking to buy in a popular city location.

Closing the Loop: Hopwood House launch online end game service for buy-to-let landlords

Manchester, UK: Hopwood House are delighted to launch a brand new online service to connect property investors restructuring or turning away from active investing with other property investors seeking new opportunities to expand upon existing portfolios.

Parents pay £41,000 premium to live near top schools

Parents in Scotland need to pay an average of £41,441 more to live in the catchment area of a top performing state secondary school, according to new research from Bank of Scotland.

All eyes on Cumbria, as Lake District’s new UNESCO World Heritage status inspires rush of investment

All eyes on Cumbria, as Lake District’s new UNESCO World Heritage status inspires rush of investment

The Lake District in Cumbria has become the latest area of the UK to be awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Ground Rent review on the agenda for government consultation

Specialist housing lawyers are calling on Registered Providers (RPs) to engage with a Government consultation which is seeking views on prohibiting the sale of new build leasehold houses and limiting ground rent.

The ‘Kent Collection’ is top of the class

The ‘Kent Collection’ is top of the class

When searching for a new home, ensuring that there are good schools in the surrounding area is a strong deciding factor for parents.

How to ensure that a hotel room is always clean

Summer is usually the busiest season for a hotel, and making sure that laundry, bedding, rooms, and other furniture is clean is always a top priority for guests and staff alike.

Where have all the movers gone?

Before the recession, there were about 1.6 million home sales a year in the UK, which plummeted to 860,000 in 2009 but has since recovered to around 1.2 million.