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Experience Harry Potter up close and personal

5th March 2012 Print

The art of cinema has been with us for over one hundred years and occupies a lofty perch at the pinnacle of our cultures storytelling. Despite its elder status, its popularity shows no sign of abating with films both large and small continuing to capture and thrill audiences. The UK in particular has a played a key role in the cinemas history. Directors such as David Lean and Alfred Hitchcock secured England’s place, making their mark on pre-war cinema though delivering more than their fair share of classic movies.  A resurgence of UK filmmaking over the last twenty years has seen the UK regaining its crown and it is currently venerated around the world for it wealth of talent, providing a constant flow of actors and directors intent on delivering this art form in its finest manner. In response, major studios have brought production to UK shores for many recent Hollywood blockbusters. This is seen a rise in studio facilities, leading a renaissance in the industry and placing the UK back on top, as one of the world's premier countries for filmmaking. A wonderful side effect of this is that whilst acting as a canvas for filmmakers, many of the country’s magnificent buildings, stately homes and windswept panoramas have been captured on celluloid. This has delivered a boon to UK film buffs with some of England’s most picturesque spots boasting a wealth of beautiful filmmaking locations to visit.

The Harry Potter, franchise in particular, has used many notable English landmarks as backdrops to bring its intricately weaved stories to life. If your family are Potter fanatics, then England is a treasure trove of film making locations to visit, transporting your family directly into the movie.

For example, Alnwick Castle in Northumberland is a great place to day out for the diehard Potter fan. This mediaeval castle was used extensively in the movies and its inner courtyard is featured in scenes where Harry plays his first Quidditch match.

Likewise, Durham Cathedral has had a starring role across several of the movies whilst acting as a stand in for the external shots of Hogwarts. Never before has it been so easy to entice our children into visiting some of the U.K.'s most beautiful landmarks.

In response to the demand for all things Harry Potter, the company behind the movies, Warner Brothers are opening their doors to the studios where some of its classic films were made. Based at the company’s studio facilities in Leavesden, the tour will focus initially on the Harry Potter franchise, providing a behind-the-scenes experience of the art of filmmaking. It's an opportunity to be immersed in the world of Harry Potter, visiting sets, seeing props and getting an insight into the world of film. This attraction opens from 31st March 2012, and it is already heavily subscribed so you fancy a visit we would recommend you visit the website and snap yourself up some tickets.