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Eight per cent of straight men check out gay dating profiles online

14th March 2012 Print

New research from mobile dating site FlirtFinder has found that eight per cent of guys message gay men on the site - despite describing themselves as straight on their profiles.

The research also revealed a similar trend among the girls, with 7.6 per cent of women contacting lesbians on FlirtFinder - even though they ticked the ‘straight’ box when registering on the mobile dating site.

Mobile dating services have experienced a boom in popularity in recent years, with FlirtFinder registrations up a massive 494% in the last two years.

Justin Battell, managing director of FlirtFinder, thinks it’s the anonymity of dating sites which allows users to experiment in a way which could be more difficult in everyday life.

“It may just be curiosity, or it may be that sexuality cannot be clearly defined as gay or straight and is much more of a spectrum,” says Justin. “This type of dating platform allows users to get experimental without the risk of any potential embarrassment or rejection.

“If you’re curious about your sexuality it’s much easier to send someone a quick message online than pluck up the courage to meet with them face-to-face straight away. Mobile dating gives people a breed of confidence that isn’t always present in day-to-day life.”

FlirtFinder has 222,000 registered members, 6.4 per cent of which are listed as gay.

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