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3 great date ideas without leaving the house

22nd March 2022 Print

Dating can be a challenge for even the strongest of relationships. Demanding jobs, hobbies, or even children can make it harder to find the time to just be together as a couple. 

With most of us having spent more time in the house during the various coronavirus lockdowns, it is easy to see why spending more time with each other could be the furthest thing from our minds. But organising dates in your own home could turn out to be the perfect way to reconnect, strengthen, or explore new avenues together. 

Below, then, are three great date ideas that you can do at home – but first, let’s set the scene!

Dating is an important part of any relationship between two people – so before you plan your date, you need to ensure your entire focus can be on each other. For those of you with children, as much as you may love your little darlings, you might want to send them to their grandparents, or organise a sleepover at a friend's house. Tonight, you are a couple – not parents.

Other commitments such as work and hobbies need to also be put on hold, or planned around so that you are able to turn your phones off and get back to just enjoying time together. Now it’s just you, let’s look at some great ideas to make your date perfect. 

Food, glorious food

The most popular date option is to go out for a fancy meal at your favourite restaurant and take the time to relax and get to know each other again.

Now, unless you or your partner have a Michelin star, the prospect of trying to recreate the same level of luxury indulgence at home can be daunting for the best of us. So, why not order fine-dining meal kits in London instead, from a brand like ourselves here at Indulge? 

Everything you need for a restaurant-quality three-course meal, will come prepared and cooked when you turn to Indulge for your meal kit. You just need to heat and plate as per the instructions and voila – exceptional at-home dining, with options for wine, petit fours, and cheese boards.

Creating a spark

A fantastic way of reconnecting with your partner is to turn off all the electricity. Social media, Netflix, and online games can all get in the way of what is important. Light candles everywhere and have a fun-filled evening without the distraction of your electronic devices. 

Dig out your board games, and invest in some sketch books and writing pads. Get back to basics, enjoying each other’s company and getting creative with fun things that can be done in the dark.

Acting like big kids

No matter how old you are, we are all big kids at heart – so, embrace it! 

Before your date, go to the park and push each other on swings, build sandcastles on the beach, and buy 99 Flakes from an ice cream truck. Before you go home, buy some pic ‘n’ mix, then try building a fort together in your living room – try moving the mattress and surrounding it with duvet covers or packing boxes.

Spend your evening in your fort eating sweets, watching your favourite films from your childhood, or playing video games. Basically, whatever ‘kid-like’ things you can (safely) do as adults that you might have long left behind – give them a go for the most memorable date at home!