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Creative Wedding Planning: How to Personalise Your Modern Day Wedding

28th April 2023 Print

Planning a wedding is an exciting challenge for anyone’s organising skills. In the case of your own wedding, it will be your big day, so everything needs to be perfect. Not only that, but it needs to reflect who you are, and of course, you will also need to be practical-minded in accommodating your needs and those of your guests. 

So, if you are planning a modern wedding, here are some ways to personalise it to your specifications. That way, you will remember it for the right reasons, and feel nostalgic when you look back on your special day.

Think about your theme

Everyone has a different wedding plan in mind. You do not need to just go with the latest trends. In fact, you should consider what you like and dislike. You may love the outdoors, and so want to have nature heavily incorporated into your wedding, or you may prefer to keep things simple and focus on a specific colour scheme. 

Take your time plotting out your theme, and you will find that it will get easier to find the decorations you need. 

A meaningful ceremony

When you look at most weddings, you may feel as if the ceremony itself is a bit too traditional for your liking. That is why you may want to think about personalising it! 

Once you get your paperwork sorted, you can do more-or-less what you like with your wedding. Maybe you could customise the walk down the aisle by having your groomsmen or bridesmaids do a funny dance, or offer some cocktails before the wedding ceremony starts that have been specially created to reflect you and your partner? 

Alternatively, why not have your favourite local band play your favourite song for you during your big entrance? There is so much that you can do to make your wedding ceremony your own!

Table names

When you get to the reception, do not just put numbers on your tables. You can personalise the tables with different names. This could include song names, hashtags or book titles. So, make sure to consider your options! 

Wear different outfits

You do not just have to wear the same outfit throughout the wedding! You could have a wedding dress that can change into a different dress during your first dance, or you could just try and find an outfit that’s more casual for the reception. Have fun with your outfit and it will truly look unique. 


When it comes to thinking about entertaining your guests, you may want to add a personal element to the fun of the reception. Think about the types of hobbies you and your spouse have. If you are both into theatre, why not have some musical theatre performers come in and sing some songs? Or you could have karaoke in your evening for your guests to enjoy. Take some time to consider what you and your guests will love.

Photography: capturing those special moments 

Another way you can personalise your wedding is by hiring a photographer to take part. We can recommend Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography, but you may be wondering why you need a photographer in the first place? You do not have to go for a traditional form of photography for your wedding. Instead, if you want to personalise your photographs, you can do this through candid photography. 

Essentially, if you are having candid wedding photographs taken, your photographer will be blending into your wedding and taking pictures throughout the day so that they can show the narrative of the event. This means that the photographs will be personalised because they will be completely natural. 

From the preparation of your wedding to the ceremony itself and even the reception, the photographer will use a long lens on their camera to take a variety of different shots at different distances. That way, they will be able to capture every moment.

The best thing about these types of photographs is that they can be personalised so easily. They capture all of your memories and are not intrusive. In fact, you will probably barely even realise that the photographer is there!

Are you ready to plan your modern wedding? 

Plotting the logistics of your modern wedding does not need to be really stressful. In fact, once you have found your venue, it should be quite fun to pick the décor to make it unique and reflect everything that is wonderful about you and your beloved. 

Take your time going through your ideas and browsing for decorations. If you fully understand your theme, you will see that your wedding will be easier to pull together.