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Caterham Superlight - One careful owner

1st May 2012 Print
Caterham Superlight

As used car adverts go, it certainly grabs the attention – “Caterham Seven, one careful owner, only 150,000 track miles on the racetracks of Europe...”
Even to a hardened car buyer it may sound like the recipe for disaster. However, the car that trackday operator Jonny Leroux of is offering for sale is, rather ironically, probably better cared for than most vehicles on the road., which is Caterham Cars’ official trackday partner, is putting this Caterham Superlight up for sale (or quiet retirement). It is one of eight on the Bookatrack fleet and, after six hard years pounding the circuits at the hands of eager trackday customers, Leroux is reluctantly letting it go.
Mr Leroux said: “It’s been a faithful servant for us at and a fantastic advert for the durability and reliability of Caterham Sevens. But now it’s time for this car to relax, take things a little slower and grow old gracefully.”
The striking black car is also notable for being the last Superlight ever installed with the Rover K Series engine.
The Caterham Seven was recently revealed as one of the top 10 depreciation-busting cars on the road, retaining 61.1% of its original value after three years. This one however can be yours for a price tag of £10,000.
Since it was registered in March 2006, the S3-spec Superlight hasn’t had the easiest of lives, having got through:

157,500 track miles
600 trackdays at the hands of 1,000 customers
1,575,000 high-speed gear changes
480 new tyres
54,000 litres of unleaded fuel
Approximately 154 million wheel revolutions and
300 brake pads
Caterham Motorsport Manager, Simon Lambert, said: “This car has had a tougher life than most in terms of how hard it’s been driven but, because it’s been owned by Bookatrack, it has been maintained fastidiously and wanted for nothing during its lifetime.  Because of that, the car is probably in better condition than most on the road.”
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Caterham Superlight