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Unique white orca seen near Kamchatka

3rd May 2012 Print

As if Kamchatka isn't a unique enough destination already, an all-white orca has just been observed swimming near its shores. Scientists sighted this amazing creature, presumed albino, in April near the Commander Islands, east of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Wildlife specialist Naturetrek runs a 16-day tour to Kamchatka which visits the Commander Islands. It’s easy to see why: few destinations are as exotic and alluring as the Russian Far East – what with its thermal springs, acid lakes, geysers, virgin forests, pristine tundra, coastal bays, flower-filled meadows and rumbling volcanic islands – and there’s an incredible array of wildlife there. The locals include more than a dozen species of auk, millions of breeding seabirds, the mighty Steller's sea eagle, sea otter, fishing owls, brown bear and a wide range of cetaceans including orcas.

Naturetrek's tour is centred around a 12-night voyage that takes in the Peninsula plus the neighbouring Commander Islands and seabird-rich Kuril Islands. The vessel used is the the 'Spirit of Enderby', a comfortable expedition ship that carries a maximum of just 48 passengers and is fully equipped with inflatable Zodiac boats that take participants nearer to the shore, plus a highly skilled crew.

The tour next departs in 2013; dates are TBC, but prices are from £7,595 pp with all flights (London), all transport, all meals, twin-bedded cabin accommodation during the 12-night voyage and all guiding.

For more information on any of the above holidays, and all of Naturetrek's 345 wildlife itineraries, plus its new breaks for 2012, visit