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Danish restaurant noma is still best in the world

2nd May 2012 Print

noma did it again. The restaurant of all restaurants remains on top of the gastronomic world. For the 3rd consecutive year, restaurant "noma" in Copenhagen has been awarded "No.1 Best Restaurant in the World" by readers of the esteemed Restaurant Magazine.

"Through the use of innovative cooking methods, Rene Redzepi's former warehouse on the dockside has changed diners' perceptions of Nordic cuisine. It is a restaurant of extraordinary pedigree, where passion and honesty is reflected in every mouthful." -

And the fun doesn't stop there. Only a few weeks ago, the French Michelin Guide handed out 14 stars to 13 Danish chefs cooking up new ideas in their respective kitchens - more stars than any other city in Scandinavia and even more than Amsterdam and Rome - as well as an impressive 12 "Bib-Gourmands" to another fine range of "good value-for-money" restaurants in the Copenhagen area. The epicentre of Danish gastronomy, noma, leads the pack as Copenhagen's only two-star Michelin restaurant.

The name "noma" is an abbreviation of the words "nordisk mad" (transl. Nordic food). So don't expect olive oil or any other non-Scandinavian ingredients when visiting the coveted restaurant located in an 18th-century warehouse by the Copenhagen harbour.

Executive chef René Redzepi focuses on regional produce, such as Nordic langoustine, foraged berries, musk ox and even live ants and shrimps. All their prime produce is sourced in Scandinavia, but especially in Denmark, and this is one of the reasons for noma's success.

"noma winning the title as the world's best restaurant for the 3rd year in a row, proves that Danish gastronomy is not just a one-day wonder. With 4 new Michelin starred restaurants and a total of 14 stars, Copenhagen has underlined its position as a gastronomic travel destination. Congratulations to noma on this impressive hat-trick" says Henrik Kahn, Director of VisitDenmark UK.

On the whole, Danish cuisine has changed radically over the past decade, blending foreign influences with the richness of Denmark's own natural produce; its excellent dairy produce, its high quality, organic fruit and vegetables and, of course, the raw ingredients from its surrounding waters. The result? A "new Nordic Cuisine" that in recent years has become recognised and received rave reviews by top food writers, gourmets and gourmands from around the world.

More than 800 leading chefs and culinary writers worldwide are eligible to vote for their favourite in the S.Pellegrino 'World's 50 Best Restaurants', hosted by UK's Restaurant Magazine.

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