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2 Days In New York - Starring Julie Delpy and Chris Rock

2nd May 2012 Print
2 Days In New York

Julie Delpy's 2 Days In New York is set for UK cinema release on 18 May 2012. This time Chris Rock stars alongside Julie Delpy as her boyfriend in a hilarious culture clash comedy in the sequel to the acclaimed 2 DAYS IN PARIS, with the location moving to "The Big Apple".

Marion (Delpy) has split up with Jack and now lives with her radio DJ partner Mingus (Rock) and their child. But when her French family come to visit her in the US they decide to bring one of her ex-boyfriends along. Nothing could prepare her for the chaos that ensues as she contends with juggling her personal life with a forthcoming photo exhibition.

As before, Delpy writes, directs and stars in the sequel to 2 DAYS IN PARIS. Other members of the cast include Vincent Gallo and Delpy's real father, Albert.

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2 Days In New York