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Secrets to the perfect scent for your personality

31st July 2012 Print

There is a science to choosing your perfume. In fact, research has been conducted into why certain people are attracted to particular scents.

A primitive part of your brain taps into smells - an instinctive area which is hardwired to your limbic system – this is where all your emotional reactions are controlled: hate, desire, pleasure, addiction… Sounds like a designer perfume line! And for a good reason.

Finding the One

We’ve all been there, trawling through Boots, looking for that perfect scent we believe is out there somewhere – that ideal partner aroma that will stay with us for a lifetime; in short, our signature perfume.

We always leave broken-hearted. Few enter the perfume market, and fall completely in love with a scent. But, with a little guidance, you might just find the Holy Grail perfume.

And your personality will play a huge part. Although we can’t promise your fragrance soul mate, we can match you to some friendly scents, that will make a statement every time you enter a room, or linger on a guy’s shirt long after that hot date, so he can’t stop thinking about you.


You don’t need a tattoo to wear flowers on your skin. Smell as if you’ve been delicately pruning roses, or mischievously rolling around in flower beds.

Who? Florals are for the hopelessly romantic. A floral girl is a girly-girl: flirtatious and feminine, with underlying delicacy and confidence. Wear this perfume, and you won’t have to wait long for prince charming to pick you!


Juicy, Couture Couture
Ralph Lauren, Ralph Wild
Armani Code, Pour Femme


Bit of a sporty girl? Keep cool on the track with citrus and green scents.

Who? This is for the active girls out there who like a clean scent during those hard training sessions. You’re chilled out, dedicated, and a bit of a tomboy. And best of all, prepared for anything and up for a laugh.


Issey Miyake, L’Eau D’Issey
DKNY, Be Delicious
D&G, 1 Le Bateleur


Spices from all over the world make up this mysterious potion. An enigmatic fragrance for a girl who keeps her cards (but not her perfume) to her chest.

Who? Rich, and exotic, this perfume should come with the warning sign: not for everyone. If you consider yourself unique or a bit different, and don’t make friends easily, this fragrance is for you. This powerful scent complements the passionate artist you are.


Calvin Klein, Euphoria
Dior, Midnight Poison
Ralph Lauren, Hot


Contrary to its title, this isn’t a perfume for girls that fade into the upholstery. Goddesses and earth babes, this is your calling.

Who? Free spirits will love the earthy and sensual tones of woody perfumes. You’re compassionate and a sturdy friend that never runs out of loving affection. This scent suits your laid-back, accepting attitude and warm vibes.


Narciso Rodriguez, For Her
Donna Karan, Cashmere Mist
Gucci, Gucci

This post was written on behalf of Ungerer Limited who are a fragrance oils company also specialising in food flavourings