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Bristol's lock-ups key to growth

12th September 2012 Print

Bristol’s lock-up garages and storage units hold the key to the city’s small businesses growth in the next few years, a national property specialist claimed today.

The growth of internet sales means that many fledgling businesses now find storage vital to their expansion plans starting with small scale lock-ups and moving up to warehouse units as they expand.

A huge selection of small-scale storage units and lock-ups in the Bristol area can be viewed on the national commercial property website and these could be the catalyst for the city’s growth.

Alice Edwards, Director of said: “Lock-ups have come a long way from the Del Boy image of the past.

“These days the lock up and small industrial storage unit is a vital part of the many small businesses in Bristol that make most of their sales through the internet and there are a huge selection, both in traditional industrial heartlands like St Philip’s and in some of the suburbs.

“Some of the smaller units, such as a 277 square metre unit in the Aztec West Business Park even include a small office and a WC so they enable internet entrepreneurs to expand with their business and move their stock and office out of home. The huge range of unit sizes available in the Bristol area with flexible leases means that it is always possible to expand as the business grows – or contract if businesses hit hard times.”

Trotters Independent Trading famously had New York, Paris and Peckham on its vans and today’s internet businesses are truly international and operating from equally humble premises. The ability to store goods can increase margins for a business that sells goods through the internet.

PropertyDNA prides itself on a jargon-free way for small business owners to search for the property they need and is being used by leading property agencies across Bristol who are listing their available properties on the website.

Alice Edwards said: “These small and medium-sized businesses will grow and lead Bristol through the recession and we are doing all we can to make it as easy as possible for them to find the commercial property that they need for that expansion.

“Many are online businesses and they want to search for and source their property online as well. We hope that by providing this service they can move up through the chain from one leasehold premises to another as their business grows.”