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Yamaha’s XJ-Series arrives in Race Blu

11th October 2012 Print
Yamaha XJ6 Race Blu

Fresh from its show debut in Germany, Yamaha's new and spectacular Race Blu colour treatment will hit Yamaha dealer's showroom floors in very limited quantities over the next few weeks.
The new colour celebrates Yamaha's race DNA and uses an intricate combination of Yamaha Blue and Matt Grey in a special way to create a sophisticated new look. By highlighting selected body parts in Yamaha Blue, designers have been able to focus attention on various components to give a modern and streetwise image. The first models wearing this colour combination to be seen this side of Motorcycle Live, will be the mid-range XJ-Series which incorporates the XJ6 ABS, XJ6 Diversion and XJ6 Diversion F.
XJ6 gets a refresh

One of the most noticeable changes to the 2013 model XJ6, is its redesigned side panels, which feature a more integrated shape that flows seamlessly into the sculpted fuel tank. Being a naked model with minimal bodywork, the new-look side panels grab your attention and give the bike a sleeker, more flowing profile. The new design also emphasises the bike's characteristic 'mass-forward' layout, which accentuates its light and aggressive image.
To complement the stylish new side panels, the XJ6 is also fitted with a newly-designed headlight cowl, to give the bike's front end and it's profile a lighter look. Together with all of the other small changes introduced for the new season, this compact new 'face' serves to emphasise the XJ6's sporty and agile character.
All 2013 XJ-Series models backlit LED instrument panels for better readability.

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Yamaha XJ6 Race Blu