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Sights not to miss on the island of Rhodes

18th October 2012 Print

There are so many Greek islands to choose from as holiday destinations, but one of the most popular is the island of Rhodes. It’s small enough to be easy to travel around, but big enough to have plenty to interest visitors who are there for a week or two’s holiday.

Here we list some must-see attractions for people taking holidays to Rhodes.

Valley of the Butterflies

This is actually the third most visited site on Rhodes. From July to August every year, the Valley of the Butterflies in the Petaloudes Valley fills with butterflies who are there to mate, then lay their eggs in September. The Jersey Tiger Moths are drawn to the area because of the vanilla-scented storax trees. In flight their wings are red, which makes for an impressive sight for any visitor to the area. As well as seeing the butterflies, the area is beautiful and is a great place to walk and wander alongside rivers and waterfalls. You can take a picnic or eat at one of the cafés there.

The Acropolis in Lindos town

The ancient town of Lindos is home to an amazing Acropolis, dedicated to the goddess Athena. Itw as originally constructed circa 1100 BC and then rebuilt in sixth century BC. There is also the chance to explore the ruins of a Knights Castle. The best way to see both the Knights Castle and the Acropolis is with a guided tour, so that you can really find out about the history of the two sites as you walk around them.

Old town Rhodes

The old town of the city of Rhodes itself is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, and just wandering around this area, you’ll soon see why. It is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. While you’re there, make time to see the Palace of the Grand Master, the Archaelogical museum and the Museum of Decorative Art.

These are just three examples of some of the amazing treasures that Rhodes has to offer. Make sure you have some time to explore as well as spending time on the beautiful beaches on this island.