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One in three men are secret dieters

20th November 2012 Print

A new survey by home delivery diet brand, Diet Chef, shows 31% of men have been on a diet but, unlike women who talk openly about dieting, they have kept it quiet. It seems many men even today still see dieting as ‘something women do’.

Over 90% of the men questioned want to lose weight but, almost one in three would not divulge that they were dieting to friends or family. The results also reveal that; 14% see diets as something only women do to control their weight, 25% wouldn’t tell families and friends out of sheer embarrassment, 29% worry they would be seen as vain and others worry that family and friends will tempt them to break their diet with sugary/fatty treats (18%).

Like most women, men want to lose weight, but not so that they can look good on the beach or when they’re out on the town.  These days men are taking far better care of their appearance and 76% of men say they want to lose weight to boost their own self confidence with 49% also citing health reasons.  Only 25% of men want to lose weight to be more attractive to others and just 12% said they want to look good when out on the town.

Food-loving men

The average weight of the men questioned is 15st and 46% of those want to lose an average of 1-2 stones to get to their perfect weight.  Strangely enough it seems the simple British habit of dunking a biscuit into tea is getting the better of them and 28% admit that they struggle to resist the urge to have a brew without a few biscuits. 18% of men cited drinking too many pints as the main reason for their increasing waistlines. One in four fall foul of comfort food such as pies and a third blamed takeaways for being their downfall.

Over a third of the men questioned (36%) admitted to being unable to control their weight because they love eating chocolate, a passion still thought to be the reserve of the fairer sex. Pies and the full English are also two things men wish they could give up but just can’t seem to resist, 29% of men wish they could avoid these moreish dishes but struggle to find tasty, healthy alternatives with 26% of men admitting they can’t bear to eat salads as a main meal.

Kevin Dorren, Founder & Head Chef, comments: “In modern society men are also very concerned about their appearance. We have had a steady increase in the number of men who sign up to Diet Chef as it helps them bring a pattern of healthy eating and portion control into their lives. A lot of the men use the diet plan specifically because it is a way for them to become healthy and see steady progress whilst still enjoying complete meals and healthy snacks.”

Diet Chef offers dieters the chance to lose weight at a sensible rate and affordable cost with tasty food to help keep them on track.