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Top family adventures in Jordan

21st January 2013 Print

Families looking for a change of pace on their next holiday should look no further than Jordan, a destination that offers a unique combination of adventure and education. Jordan's rich culture and heritage brings about a sense of adventure and discovery reminiscent of the great explorers and adventurers like Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones and Tintin: appealing to children and grown-ups alike.

On a family trip to Jordan, families can look forward to camping with the local Bedouin and exploring the vast desert, scrambling over the ruins of ancient Roman and Nabatean civilisations on a trip to Jerash and Petra, walking in the footsteps of Moses and experiencing the magical buoyancy of the Dead Sea.

Below are some of the top family adventures in Jordan:

1. Get muddy and float on the Dead Sea

Even kids who hate bath time will love the experience of floating in the Dead Sea! The high salt content makes the water ultra-buoyant, allowing you to float on the surface of the water with no effort. After a short soak in the waters, get mucky and slather mineral-rich Dead Sea mud over your body - it's not only great fun, but also great for the skin.

2. Channel Indiana Jones and Tintin and discover the ancient city of Petra

Tell the kids that they will be exploring the Lost City of Petra in the footsteps of their heroes like Indiana Jones  and Tintin and they will definitely not be disappointed. Hidden for centuries, it wasn't until a Swiss explorer 'discovered' Petra in 1812 that this fantastic national treasure finally became known to the western world. Instead of the usual bedtime story, take the family to experience the candle lit Petra by Night to hear tales and music from the local Bedouins against the magnificent backdrop of the Treasury.

3. Take part in a Chariot race through Jerash

Bring the Roman Empire back to life with a chariot race through the ancient city of Jerash - one of the best preserved Roman provincial towns in the world. Kids will enjoy imagining they are gladiators defending the Roman Empire from attack whilst witnessing Roman Army warfare techniques. Chariot races also take place daily against the backdrop of colonnaded streets, temples, theatres, bathhouses and magnificent oval plaza. This is definitely better than any classroom history lesson! For more information and bookings, visit:

4. Camp out under the stars in Wadi Rum

Riding a camel like Lawrence of Arabia through the iconic and breathtaking desert scenery at Wadi Rum is a fantastic family adventure, but for those who prefer a faster pace, why not opt for a dynamic 4x4 ride instead?  For the ultimate adventure, families can camp out under the stars in a traditional Bedouin-style goat's hair tent.

5. Visit the Children's Museum in Amman

Jordan opened its first Children's Museum in 2007 and it remains a firm favourite with both local and visiting families. The brainchild of the country's Queen Rania, the Children's Museum features over 150 interactive exhibits that children can touch, experiment, create and discover. For more information, visit:

6. Try out water sports on the Red Sea

Kids will love diving into Nemo's underwater world in Aqaba, Jordan's beautiful Red Sea resort. With its warm waters teeming with brightly coloured fish and friendly sea life like turtles and dolphins, you'll have to find something to lure them out of the water! Plenty of water sports are also on offer, as well as swimming pools, whirlpools and waterslides at the nearby luxury hotels.

To encourage more families to travel to the country, Visit Jordan has launched a new microsite, full of ideas for things to do and see in the country - including tips and testimonials from kids themselves: