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3 tips for your round-the-world trip

28th April 2021 Print

As we make plans for a post-pandemic world, travellers everywhere are ready to make up for lost time. 

And a round-the-world tour certainly fits the bill for ambitious adventurers seeking the trip of a lifetime. 

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or finding your feet for the very first time, it can present as much challenge as excitement, with so much to consider. Long-term travel is a major commitment that requires planning.

With that in mind, take note of these three crucial considerations for all globe trotters!

1. Planning ahead 

You may have a long list of dream destinations and must-see hotspots to visit, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to plan every moment of your itinerary.

And rightly so! The pleasure of travel lies in its freedom, the ability to go with the flow, chase the wind and choose what feels right. 

But unfortunately, before you experience this free-wheeling lifestyle, there’s a little admin to deal with – for instance, how will you reach your destination? Are you planning to travel by plane, boat or train, or perhaps even hire a car? 

You’ll also want some idea of where to stay too – even if you’re planning on finding accommodation when you arrive, it’s good to have some idea of the more visitor-friendly regions. 

If you have a few destinations planned out for the road ahead, it’s also a good idea to conduct a little preliminary research. You don’t have to strip your plans of their spontaneity, but be sure check for factors like safety and accessibility. 

2. Staying busy

You’re unlikely to struggle for things to do whilst travelling the world. 

But it can be a good idea to take a project with you on the road to keep you occupied in quieter moments, such as long journeys in between destinations. 

This could be a simple, handheld hobby like knitting or sketching, or a more long-term project: you could try writing a novel or picking up some remote study with ARU Distance Learning.

Learning a new skill or hobby whilst travelling is a great way to wind down, and once you master your new talent, it’s with you for life!

3. Staying safe 

Safety is of the utmost important, particularly if you’re travelling alone. 

So keep in mind just a few essential safety tips to keep your travels exciting and enjoyable. 

Whatever, you do, don’t be caught without your face mask or hand sanitiser – although by the time we’re travelling again, we’ll hopefully all be vaccinated, we may not be getting rid of these newfound essentials just yet, and besides, they’ll still be good protection against getting sick wherever you go.  

A personal alarm is also a useful addition to any travellers backpack, as is a spare battery pack and first aid kit. 

And if you’re travelling alone, remember to stay in regular contact with someone back home to let them know you’re ok. 

Whether you’re a globetrotting first timer or simply a little rusty, follow these three tips for safe and exciting travels wherever you go!