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Top budget bars and restaurants for dining in Amsterdam

14th February 2013 Print

Travelling is an expensive business, and millions of people every year scrimp and save just to get a week or two away from their usual 9-5. Unless you’re a millionaire, there are many aspects of holidaying that have to be traded or put on the back burner to ensure that you’ve have enough money to last your trip. Plane tickets to some of the world’s most beautiful places can be ultra-expensive, and sometimes you have to give up one luxury in exchange for something a little cheaper.

In Amsterdam however, an affordable, high quality experience surrounds every corner, so there’s no need to limit your fun because your budget! Not only is Amsterdam one of Europe’s culture centres, but it also has some of the best nightlife spots too. With DJ bars playing the latest music, and club parties spilling out onto the street, the Dutch capital really is one of the best cities in the world.

When it comes to dinning however, Amsterdam offers some of the tastiest dishes and luxurious menus in all of Holland. Let’s take a look at some of the top budget bars and restaurants Amsterdam has to offer, and see whether you can be tempted to book a ticket to this spectacular city.


If you’re looking for a burger bar with a difference, then Getto is the place for you! Not only is each burger named after one of the local drag queens that perform there, but purchasing certain meals gets you discount entry to a selection of clubs nearby. The burgers don’t disappoint either, and from the Jennifer Hopelezz to the Dolly Bellefleur, all dishes are served with fat, chunky chips and salad. With signs all over the bar describing an ‘attitude-free zone’, Getto is a friendly and relaxed bar, offering chilled staff and an even more chilled interior.

Van Kerkwijk

Van Kerkwijk can be found just off a back alley that runs south of Dam Square, and although it may look a little uninteresting on the outside, the interior is in something special to behold. Packed with vintage wooden tables and chairs, and with a bar that looks like it’s been put together with a hundred different trees, Van Kerkwijk is one of the best budget places to eat in all of Amsterdam.

First and foremost, they don’t take reservations, so it’s best to get down and have a drink while waiting to be served. The tables don’t have menus either, so expect to be recited a detailed list of eating options by the waiter. From steak to stuffed mushrooms, this is an excellent place to eat if you’re not looking to spend more than 10 or fifteen euros between two people, and they also a vast selection of wines to choose from.

De Zotte

If you’re watching your weight and trying to cut back on the beer, then don’t go to De Zotte. If you love your beer and enjoy great food however, then De Zotte is the place for you! Not only is this bar/diner a mecca for beer lovers, but its menu is also a joy to behold. Open until the early hours of the morning, De Zotte is a great place to come with friends if you’re even visiting Amsterdam, and its excellent if you’re working on a budget too!