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One in ten film fans turns to illegal downloads

14th March 2013 Print

As the recession continues to affect consumers' entertainment budgets, cost conscious film lovers are seeking alternative ways of getting their film fix. A cinema survey carried out by Direct Line has revealed that one in ten people are flouting copyright rules and illegally downloading films.
The big screen research also found that more than half of film buffs would go to the cinema more if it were cheaper. Three in ten respondents are waiting for their favourite titles to come out on DVD rather than watch them at the cinema because of the cost of cinema tickets, with another technology savvy contingent of three in ten subscribing to rental or streaming services.
If money were no object when shopping for their new home, cinema goers would splash out on Tony Stark's house in the Iron Man series, followed by Kevin's house in Home Alone, Bilbo Baggins' house in the Lord of the Rings series and Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The research also discovered that the least desirable movie abode was the Bates' Motel from the Hitchcock classic horror film Psycho.
Claire Foster spokesperson at Direct Line, said: "It is easy to understand why people choose to watch their favourite films at home where they can curl up on the sofa, pause to make a cup of tea or rewind to relive that thrilling scene. However, nothing beats making a trip out to see a new release on the big screen with the cinema sound systems adding to the viewing experience. Our research shows that cost can put some people off going to the cinema, which is why Direct Line's new 2 for 1 discount card is great for film fans."
The 2 for 1 cinema offer

Take the Direct Line to the movies
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Big box office savings
As our 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer can be used on an unlimited basis, there's no limit to the money you could save. So, if for example, you were to go to the cinema just a couple of times a month and the average ticket price was £7.20, then after a year you'd have saved over £172.80 - now that's a lot of popcorn!
Remember, our 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer can be used on an unlimited basis, so there's no limit to the money you could save. From the highly acclaimed Les Miserables, Lincoln and Life of Pi there's no end to the movies you could be saving money on.
What happens next?
Once you've bought your Home or Car Insurance policy online, we'll reserve your Direct Line Cinema Card, We'll include full instructions on how to book your 2 for 1 tickets. Please see the terms and conditions for further information.
Our 2 for 1 offer is accepted at over 200 cinemas nationwide. So start planning your list of all the releases you want to catch.
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