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It’s not an illusion - It’s the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage

20th March 2013 Print
Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage is an A-segment car that’s stylish, well-equipped and practical. Mitsubishi Motors has completely reviewed the small car concept to deliver a rational, no-nonsense product with the quality and reliability for which Mitsubishi is so well-known. Lighter, faster and with impeccable environmental credentials, this is one Mirage that’s very real – and very much a car of its time.
Be Safe, Not Sorry
There’s no doubt buyers will be impressed with how Mirage looks from the outside – and they’ll love the inside of the vehicle too. The airy and comfortable cabin cocoons its occupants in a pleasant, well-designed and above all, safe, environment. Mirage is constructed using Mitsubishi’s ‘RISE’ safety body design - Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution - and involves the use of a massively strong monocoque structure made from ultra-high tensile steel.
The body is designed to ensure maximum crash protection from all angles and directs impact forces away from the occupants. Although certain parts of the car might be damaged in any impact, the passengers will remain within a steel safety cell. Impact testing showed Mirage has the highest collision safety among its class in Japan.

Under the Bonnet
Mirage is powered by a new generation of lightweight and compact petrol engines. For UK buyers, there are two alternatives: a frugal, low-friction 1.0-litre on Mirage 1; and a 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine for Mirages 2 & 3. Auto Stop & Go will be standard on the 1.2-litre engine.
Mirage 1, 2 and 3 are available with a five-speed manual transmission while a CVT auto option is available on the top-specification Mirage 3. The 1.0-litre unit produces 71PS with 88Nm of torque while the 1.2 variant produces 80PS with 106Nm of torque.
Green Thinking
Mirage is equipped with the full palette of low CO2technologies. In addition to the followingtechnologies:

Auto Stop & Go
Regenerative braking system
High-efficiency alternator
Intelligent battery sensor
165/65R14 low-friction tyres,
The car also has a clever three-bar ‘Eco Drive Assist’ display in the instrument cluster which gives a visual indication of how economically the vehicle is being driven based on current fuel consumption and vehicle speed.
Last but not least, as an alternative to the standard five-speed manual gearbox, Mirage can be fitted with the newest version of Mitsubishi’s INVECS-III CVT wide-ratio transmission which now uses a sub-gear train to deliver better acceleration and fuel economy.
Extending the engine speed range over which the lock-up clutch engages and optimisation of transmission control have contributed to a further reduction in fuel consumption without affecting acceleration performance.
Step it up a Gear
The Mirage is powered by a new generation of lightweight and compact three-cylinder petrol engines, available in either 1.0-litre or 1.2-litre displacements. Lively and thrifty, both use Mitsubishi’s variable valve timing system.

Future Proof
The average residual value across all variants of Mirage is 41%, this is above the average of the competitive basket at 39 per cent.
Mirage 2 and 3 (M/T) have a residual value of 41 per cent. The entry-level Mirage has the strongest RV at 44 per cent.

Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, Lance Bradley, said:
“Mirage has been designed from the ground up with emissions in mind. It’s going to be the only model on sale in the UK where every car in the range emits 100g/km CO2 or less, meaning no road tax or London Congestion Charge on any Mirage.
“People are worried about fuel prices and the environment just as we’re launching a small car that looks funky, is great to drive but is doing an amazing 67mpg and delivering incredibly low emissions figures. It’s the perfect car for us, we’re very excited!”
In a Nutshell
The Mitsubishi Mirage is the lightest, most aerodynamic and most efficient petrol-powered five-door hatchback range on the market. The Mirage has been designed with clear objectives, offering a stylish, well equipped and practical small car.
Throughout the design and production process, the focus has very much been on extensive weight reduction with the extensive use of high-tensile steel and exhaustive wind tunnel testing.
All this effort has resulted in a car that:

Is the only model in the UK today to offer 100g/km CO2or less across the whole range, resulting in zero Vehicle Excise Duty and no London Congestion Charge

Boasts fuel economy across the range of between 65.7 and 68.9mpg (combined)

Has enhanced specification levels against its predecessor, the Colt, itself a firm favourite among Mitsubishi customers
The Mitsubishi Mirage is a stylish new small car which offers our customers outstanding fuel economy, zero VED emissions, excellent packaging, a great specification and all at a competitive price.

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Mitsubishi Mirage