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Micheldever/Protyre offers bikers free tyre safety checks

2nd April 2013 Print

The clock change and lighter evenings are often the time that motorcyclists get their motorbikes and scooters ready to ride for the first time in the year. However, the weather forecast for the rest of April does not look promising with frost and ice on the roads, so it is even more important that a bike or scooter’s tyres are in good condition. Micheldever/Protyre, the UK’s leading independent tyre retailer, is a major provider of motorcycle tyres and feedback from their outlets has indicated that up to 70 percent of motorcycles and scooters visiting their premises have at least one tyre that is either defective or badly worn and in need of replacement.
To support the annual TyreSafe Bike Tyre Safety Month in April, Micheldever/Protyre is offering a comprehensive free tyre safety check for motorcyclists, covering tyre pressures, tread depth and general condition. The company has 21 dedicated, state-of-the-art  2-Wheel Centres around the UK offering motorcyclists and scooter riders ‘a ride in − ride out’ service with manufacturer trained tyre technicians capable of offering expert advice and help to select the correct tyre choice for specific motorcycles and scooters and riding conditions.
The Protyre findings on the number of defective tyres are reinforced by information available from VOSA (Vehicle Operator and Services Agency) which revealed that defective tyres are one of the most frequent causes of motorcycle MOT failures in the UK.
Micheldever/Protyre offers the following advice for riders:

Tyre pressures should adhere to those recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer or tyre company and these should be checked when cold at least once a week and adjusted if necessary

Inspect tyres for cuts, bulges, uneven wear of objects embedded in the tread of the tyre

Tread depth should be a minimum of 1 mm (for bikes over 50 cc)

Old or damaged valve stems should be replaced

Tyres should be of the same manufacturer or pattern

Cracked or damaged rims should be replaced immediately
“A tyre contact patch, no larger the palm of your hand, is all that connects you with the road surface,” said Micheldver/Protyre Retail Director Simon Hiorns. “Defective tyres on a motorcycle can affect handling, cornering and the ability for the motorcycle or scooter to achieve optimum balance for the rider. A few simple checks can make all the difference.”
As well as free bike tyre safety checks throughout April, Micheldever/Protyre is offering motorcyclists advice on tyre selection and simple maintenance guidelines to gain the maximum value for money and performance from the tyres fitted.
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