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New Yamaha X-MAX 400

16th April 2013 Print
Yamaha X-MAX 400

Yamaha has established a solid reputation for producing innovative scooters that deliver an exciting and rewarding riding experience. A successful example is the X-MAX family, whose range of mid-class maxi scooters set the benchmark in the competitive 250 class with their sporty design, compact dimensions and punchy performance. 
The model that set the benchmark in the whole maxi-scooter segment was the Yamaha TMAX, launched some years before the X-MAX family was developed. Offering motorcycle levels of performance with automobile comfort and scooter convenience, TMAX opened up a whole new market. The ground-breaking high-performance TMAX not only changed the way in which the scooter was used, it also raised the scooter's profile amongst many car drivers and motorcyclists, who suddenly realised that the maxi-scooter was a serious alternative.
Taking X-MAX to the next level
Yamaha's TMAX and X-MAX models have been responsible for the total transformation of the maxi-scooter market, which is constantly growing and evolving. At the same time that Yamaha scooters have opened up new possibilities, the demands and expectations of Europe's maxi-scooter riders have also changed. Many of today's mid-class scooter riders are looking for a model with increased engine performance, yet which also offers the same compact dimensions and sporty design of the current X-MAX concept.
In order to satisfy this demand, Yamaha has taken the evolution of the X-MAX to the next level with the launch of the sporty and sophisticated new premium quality X-MAX 400. Featuring a compact and lightweight chassis driven by a punchy 400cc engine, this brand new X-MAX provides excellent power and acceleration, while maintaining the easy handling, agility and compact body of a 250cc model.
A new type of mid-class scooter
The new X-MAX 400's magical recipe successfully blends higher power with low weight – together with compact bodywork and maxi-scooter storage space – to create a new type of mid-class scooter. With its significant acceleration and high cruising speed, this stylish and exciting new addition to the X-MAX family is designed to appeal to those urban customers who demand easy agility, premium quality, high power and day-to-day practicality.
As well as making this new mid-class scooter ideally suited for long-distance commuting, the higher levels of performance delivered by the 400cc engine also give the X-MAX 400 a serious touring capability. With its 90 MPH plus potential top speed, generous luggage carrying capacity and luxurious dual seating, the X-MAX 400 can handle everything from weekends away through to long-distance adventures.  
Dynamic design with MAX family DNA
Aesthetically and technically, this new scooter is designed to impress in so many ways and we have created a dynamic new look that gives the X-MAX 400 real presence on the street with a clear and strong Yamaha DNA. The sleek and sophisticated new bodywork takes the X-MAX concept to another level and underlines the sporty potential of this new high-class scooter.
One of the key features that makes the MAX family stand out, and which gives the new X-MAX 400 such presence on the street, is its high quality bodywork which incorporates our trademark 'boomerang' side panels. Running along both sides of the scooter from the front of the footboard area and rearwards towards the sides of the seat, the boomerang-shaped body panels accentuates the X-MAX 400’s dynamic style and immediately gives a unique MAX family feeling.
Double headlights with LED position lamps and LED rear light
Powerful double headlights further emphasise the sleek and sporty credentials of this high performance all rounder, while new LED position lights and the new LED rear light help to increase the rider's visibility to other road users. X-MAX 400 is the first Yamaha scooter to feature LED position lamps and as well as their practical benefits, they underline the scooter's cutting-edge design and reinforce the overall quality feeling that characterises the new X-MAX 400.
Luxurious seating
The luxurious stepped dual seat has been designed to offer a remarkably comfortable ride for both rider and passenger, whether riding around the city or during longer distance commuting or touring. Furthermore, the X-MAX 400 seating layout has also been designed to give a commanding and upright riding position for enhanced comfort and more effective controllability, particularly in urban situations.
Interior quality with automotive-style instruments
The interior of the new X-MAX 400 is designed and built to be the clear class leader and the quality and attention to detail is first class. The fit, finish and feel of the materials are equivalent to that found in a prestige car, making the X-MAX 400 stand out from the crowd.  The all-new automotive style instruments feature an analogue rpm gauge and on-board computer that underline the X-MAX 400's leading specification, which offers an ideal balance of sporty performance combined with elegant design.
Powerful new 400cc engine
The X-MAX 400's new single-cylinder liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve engine is an evolution of the proven and reliable design that currently powers the popular Majesty 400. Developing 23.2 kW (31.5 hp) at 7,500 rpm, this compact and responsive engine produces over 54% more power than the unit used in the current X-MAX 250. This significant increase in power – as well as over 60% more torque – makes the new X-MAX 400 the most powerful X-MAX ever.
Strong acceleration and high top speed
With this model, new scooter customers and existing riders who may be moving up from a 250cc or 300cc machine will experience a substantial increase in acceleration and high speed cruising. At the same time, maxi scooter owners moving down from a larger capacity model will be pleasantly surprised by the lightweight handling character and the advantages of its compact dimensions in city usage. Whether riding in the city, commuting over longer distances, touring long-distance or going for a sporty leisure ride during the weekend, the X-MAX 400 is built to perform.
Compact bodywork
Although this dynamic new 400cc engine delivers significantly more power and torque than its 250cc counterpart, our designers have been able to create the most compact and lightweight chassis in the class.
This means that X-MAX 400 owners benefit from 250-class agility with 400-class performance. By combining all of these desirable features and attributes, Yamaha has succeeded in creating a remarkably capable all-rounder which combines outstanding performance and strong road holding with day-to-day practicality.
With its significantly increased power and torque outputs compared to the current X-MAX 250 model, the new X-MAX 400 fits seamlessly into the Yamaha scooter range between our popular 250cc models and the remarkable TMAX. The motorcycle-type telescopic front forks together with the dual floating front discs, lightweight 15 inch front/13 inch rear alloy wheels and wide tyres have been developed to deliver good high speed stability on the new X-MAX 400, making it one of the most competent and agile scooters in the class.
High-performance all-rounder
Yet in spite of its significant increase in power compared to the X-MAX 250, the new 400cc model is only marginally heavier than the 250, weighing in at 211 kg 'wet', including fuel and other liquids. This low weight, combined with its compact dimensions, ensures that the X-MAX 400 is an agile performer around the city, making it one of today's leading high-performance all-rounders.
One of the most significant characteristics of the new X-MAX 400 is its ability to perform a multitude of roles with ease. The X-MAX 400 has been created to deliver an ideal balance of style, functionality and performance. Its lightweight, compact chassis ensures easy and agile handling at lower speeds - while the large alloy wheels and dynamic new wind-cheating bodywork give good high-speed stability on longer journeys.
Acceleration from a standstill is excellent and together with its punchy roll-on acceleration in the mid-range, the new X-MAX 400 delivers strong overtaking performance in the city and on the highway. From long distance commuter through to urban runabout or weekend sports-tourer, the multi-role X-MAX 400 is more than qualified for the job, thanks to its stability at higher speeds.
Comfort and convenience
In our mission to create a sporty and dynamic new scooter, we have not forgotten that functionality, economy, range and comfort are of significant importance to our customers. Despite its remarkably compact 250-class bodywork, there's an underseat storage compartment which can accommodate two full-face helmets. The upright riding position – as well as the effective windscreen, enhanced wind protection for the rider's hands, and the roomy footboard area – ensures high levels of comfort for the rider and passenger. And in terms of range and economy, the X-MAX 400 also impresses thanks to its light weight and its highly efficient fuel-injected 4-stroke engine.
Accessories line-up
As the leading manufacturer of innovative maxi-scooters, Yamaha is fully in touch with our customers' needs and aspirations, so we have developed a line-up of accessories that allows them to create their own unique X-MAX that better suits their lifestyle.
For those customers looking to enhance the sporting potential of this high specification scooter, Yamaha offer a number of key accessories, including a sport screen, sports foot boards, Akrapovi? slip-on muffler, stylish license plate holder and passenger back rest.
We have also developed a range of purpose-built accessories such as a 50 litre top case, high screen and leg shields for long distance commuters and touring riders looking for extra comfort and luggage carrying ability.
X-MAX 400 colour options       
Absolute White
Matt Grey
Midnight Black
Key features

Completely new design, the latest evolution of the X-MAX family
400cc engine with over 54% more power and over 60% more torque than X-MAX 250
Agile and very compact scooter in its class – only 211kg wet
Comfortable upright motorcycle-type riding position
LED front position lights and LED tail lights
Underseat storage for two full-face helmets
Comprehensive sports instrument panel with analogue rpm gauge and on board computer
Dual 267mm floating front discs for strong braking performance
Comprehensive range of stylish and purpose-built accessories
Price £5,399 - Availability end of May

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Yamaha X-MAX 400