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Skipton launches Special Edition Regular Saver and 160 Day Bond

8th May 2013 Print

Skipton Building Society is celebrating its 160th anniversary by offering two competitive special edition accounts.
The Society has launched a special edition Regular Saver account, paying an impressive 3.00% on deposits of up to £160 per month. The Society has also launched a special edition 160 Day Bond, which enables customers to save between £500 and £5,000.
Both product are only available in branch and enable savers to be part of Skipton's historical birthday celebrations.
Key new product features: Special Edition Regular Saver

Available to open in branch only by cash, cheque or debit card
A minimum opening balance of £1
No minimum monthly subscription
Make as many payments as you like, providing they don't exceed the maximum monthly amount (£160)
For your convenience you can make subsequent investments by cash, cheque, debit card or electronic payment
Transfers from existing Skipton accounts are not permitted
Matures at midnight on the anniversary of your account opening date
Only one account per customer.
Key new product features: 160 Day Bond

A fixed rate of interest guaranteed for the term of the bond
Available to open in branch only, by cash, cheque, debit card or transfer from another Skipton Building Society account
Invest between £500 and £5,000 per account
The bond will run for 160 days from the point it becomes closed to new investments (from 6 July 2013 until the 13 December 2013)
However, you can invest into this bond before 6 July 2013 and the rate of 2.25% gross/AER interest and terms and conditions will apply from the date of your investment
You can make additional investments into your bond until it becomes a closed issue on 6 July 2013 subject to the maximum of £5,000
Please note, as this is a fixed rate bond, no withdrawals can be made from the date of investment.
Skipton's Head of Products, Kris Brewster, said: "Skipton has been supporting savers and borrowers since 1853. We're excited to celebrate this rich heritage and are looking forward to our next century-and-a-half. A lot's changed over the years but one thing that has stayed the same is us remaining true to our mutual roots and our commitment to customers.
"We know from listening to our customers that they really value the opportunity to have flexibility in saving up for their own personal goals. So these two celebration accounts offer the best of both worlds - people can put away money each month or deposit a lump sum up front. As a mutual, Skipton works hard to offer savers an impressive range of account offerings - designed to suit all saving needs and requirements - and these two new accounts complement are already varied range."

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