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Beat the breakfast bloat

8th July 2013 Print

As highlighted in a new paper, published this month, around 70% of the world’s population is lactase deficient. Lactase is the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down lactose, a type of sugar found in milk. If we are deficient in this enzyme then we unable to properly digest milk and a whole host of problems can occur, including bloating and other symptoms.
Whilst typically Northern Europe countries have low levels of lactase deficiency in their populations, as we become a more multi-cultural and older (lactose intolerance increases with age) society so lactase deficiency is on the rise. Not great news for those of us who tuck into the usual UK breakfast of a bowl of cereals and a cup of tea or coffee every morning.

Whilst typically those still wanting to enjoy milk in their hot drinks or over their cereals have been able to turn to dairy alternatives such as soy or hemp milk the taste of these has often put people off.

Vivesoy hopes to change this and help those who are lactose intolerant beat the ‘breakfast bloat’ with their new soy milks. They have launched six flavours of milk with the aim of showing the British public that soy milk can taste great and should be incorporated into our everyday lives for its taste and not just its health benefits.

Their unsweetened flavour is already proving a huge hit with breakfast fans, who claim it is almost undistinguishable from dairy milk, and it is flying off the shelves as those looking to beat the breakfast bloat realise how ‘soyprisingly’ good it is.

Vivesoy is now available in Tesco stores, for further information visit

If you regularly suffer from bloating or other digestive problems or think you may be lactose intolerant always consult a doctor.

Please note: soy is an allergen and some suffer from intolerances.

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