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Eco-design champion Oliver Heath teams up with i MiEV

5th June 2009 Print
Mitsubishi Motors has announced that Oliver Heath – TV presenter and eco-design champion – is to drive the design icon all-electric i MiEV at the Revolve Eco-Rally on Monday 8th June.

Oliver, a renowned champion of environmental issues, recently stated that “without good design - that which raises the emotions, and gets us all fired up - how do we hope to encourage the sorts of numbers needed to switch to sustainable living, to really make a difference? Aspiration and style play key roles in getting us to make the switch to a better cleaner way of living.” And the stylish, aspirational, zero-emissions i MiEV does just that.

Living in Brighton, he will be starting this year’s Revolve Eco-Rally feeling right at home in more ways than one. That’s because he’ll be driving the all-electric Mitsubishi i city car during the inter-city journey from Brighton to London’s City Hall. The i itself won thirteen design awards in its first year, including the Japanese Automotive Researchers and Journalists ‘Car of the Year’ in 2007.

Oliver’s long career promoting excellent eco-design began with his first TV appearance in 1998 when he won BBC Homefront's Young Designer of the Year competition. He is also one of the main presenters and designers on BBC's Changing Rooms, and he is well known for his most recent television series for ITV, Dream Homes, where he followed families all over the UK designing and building their dream homes.

Oliver has written 3 books, writes regularly in both broadsheets and magazines, and has even defined a new ‘Urban Eco Chic’ style into which the Mitsubishi i MiEV fits perfectly as Urban Eco Chic “promotes the balance of Technology, Nature and Vintage to create spaces that are as functional, beautiful and as good to live in as they are for the environment.”