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Pay TV finds new distribution channels as telcos and broadcasters converge

13th August 2013 Print

The pay TV marketing is heading for another shake up with the news that PeerTV’s set top box has now completed successful field trials with a major telecoms provider in Europe. The PeerTV set top box is a small unit, around the size of a school calculator, but one which packs a considerable commercial and viewing punch, enabling broadcast content distributed via the internet to be downloaded directly onto a normal TV screen. The service also makes websites such as Facebook and YouTube available via television sets so converging pay TV and the internet.

Uniquely, the eTV Solution from PeerTV is an innovative , powerful and high performance eTV Android-based set top box solution which is both easy to integrate and user-friendly for anyone who is familiar with Android’s operating system.

PeerTV’s technology is being closely watched by a number of global telecoms giants, including both fixed line and mobile operators, offering as it does a new channel to compete head on with national pay TV broadcasters. By using the internet to stream broadcast content, telecoms providers can reach out to both national viewers and also cross borders to reach an expatriate audience, a factor which will be of interest to commercial advertisers. The system also avoids the need for a costly terrestrial or satellite broadcasting infrastructure, so removing the largest barrier to market entry for new players in the pay TV sector.

Commenting on the results of the field trials Avi Vermus PeerTV CEO said, “This year we rolled out the first major field test involving several thousand set top boxes into domestic homes. The results have more than met expectations. We have a proven, stable system that is easy to use and that delivers on its consumer promise. As a result, we are highly confident that we have the best technology for the market and are ready to move forward - interest amongst major brand mobile phone and local broadcaster providers is high, with discussions now proceeding with partners in Europe, Africa and Latin America.”

The PeerTV system is built around three core elements: 

eTV Station – the latest technology set top box (STB) - 

eTV GUI – PeerTV’s eTV GUI is part of the comprehensive eTV solution. The GUI is Android-based local firmware powered by state of the art 3D technologies (OpenGL, Power VR 3D, Open VG) – the eTV GUI provides the viewer with an unique user experience second to none, transforming the viewing experience from Web surfing into natural TV watching. 

PeerGlobal - SW. A Management Server system for the STBs enabling device Management System (DMS), device Registration, Activation/Deactivation/Reactivation, Authentication, Monitoring , secured Remote Firmware Upgrade ,usage Statistics and Reports and more.

The eTV station, or set top box, is a user friendly Android 4.0 hardware component which preserves the traditional and familiar TV user experience, while seamlessly bringing the power of Android operating systems, Android applications and the internet to the fingertips of every home user.

The eTV station uses market leading processors powered by state of the art 3D technologies (OpenGL, Power VR 3D, Open VG).

As a result, the eTV station delivers the viewer with a unique user experience offering: 

Intuitive, fast and fluent navigation 

Exceptionally quick and smooth channels zapping 

Cache and synchronize mechanisms results in no "Please Wait" interruptions which are typical of Internet-based applications 

The video is always playing in background – even in configuration mode 

Channel Up/Channel Down commands operate with any screen 

Video on demand searching is possible without stopping the current channel 

Instant user interface hiding and full screen video playing in all modes

The eTV user interface is central to the appeal and success of the system. It has been carefully designed to address and anticipate the unique needs of the OTT (Over-the-Top) and IPTV ( IP-based-TV) marketplace, enhancing the end user experience.

It offers the viewer a highly intuitive and easy to use Setup and Configuration Wizard which results in a very positive user experience, fast setup and configuration, even for non-technical users and as a result, minimal requirements for capital expenditure on technical support.

Finally, PeerGlobal, the device management system, provides enterprise scale control capabilities and offers a feature rich range including:

Device Registration, Device Activation, Deactivation/Reactivation 
Device Authentication, Anti-Piracy Firmware Protection 
Device Monitoring, Device Control 
Secured Remote Firmware Upgrade 
Preventing unauthorized firmware burning 
Disabling Reverse Engineering 
Usage Statistics and Reports

The PeerTV solution can also join seamlessly with third party applications and services such as external customer services, billing and user management systems.

As well as offering high definition, live TV, video on demand and catch up options, viewers can link to popular web channels such as Skype, You Tube and obviously view, manipulate and upload their own content, all though an Android powered interface.

PeerTV also offers other must have features such as programme reminders, video search filtering, local playback from my video library via Microsoft Media Player and the ability to change language any time.

As a system, PeerTV offers a significant step forward in the convergence of terrestrial TV and the internet. Meanwhile, data supplied by You Tube suggests the online video consumption is increasing rapidly – You Tube recently announced it had one billion unique monthly viewers watching 6 billion hours of video each month. PeerTV, which listed on AIM in 2010, has its sights firmly set on the convergence of online and broadcast video and with its Android powered design the company looks to be well on track.