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Average man has three secret crushes - whilst in a relationship

15th August 2013 Print

The average coupled-up man has a secret crush on three women – with friends, colleagues or mate’s partners’ topping the list, it has been revealed. Researchers, who polled 2,000 adults in relationships, found four in ten men are attracted to one of their partner’s mates, while a third said they fancy someone they work with.

In fact a quarter of men went as far as to admit they find TWO of their co-workers attractive.

Additionally, one in ten men said they held a strong attraction for a neighbour who lives in their street, and a fifth said they had a crush on a friend’s girlfriend or wife.

The results are reminiscent of the situation facing Peter Kay’s character in the hilarious John Smith’s ad in which his screen wife asks him to name his secret crush and reels off a string of celeb’s names.

After pausing wistfully and looking into the distance, he sighs as he declares: ”Claire from work …”

The study also found men typically have a crush on five female celebrities.

A spokesman for the Celebalike app, which commissioned the survey, said: ”It seems to be a common stereotype that men fancy people outside of their relationship and the results show they do have a few secrets.

”It’s normal for both sexes to still find other people attractive but there’s no reason why that should impact the effort and commitment put into relationship if it’s something worth having.

”Fancying a celebrity is to be expected but it gets a little trickier when that person is someone we see day to day, especially if we’re in a committed relationship.”

Controversially, one in ten men in relationships admitted they have stopped fancying their partner all together.

While one in four men said their partner often gets very jealous at times in their relationship.

And perhaps with good reason – 43% of blokes in relationships admit they flirt with other women behind their partner’s back, and one in ten say they do this a lot.

While one in five has gone a step further and already cheated on their current partner.

No wonder then that a fifth of men say their partner forbids them from spending time with a specific member of the opposite sex.

This is most likely a friend of the opposite sex or someone at work.

The Celebalike spokesman added: ”It seems a number of cheeky men could do with appreciating their partners that little bit more and ensuring that any fondness for work colleagues or friend’s partners stays harmless.

”Temptation is always present and it can often seem that the grass is greener but it rarely ends up that way.

”For a less dramatic, more rewarding life perhaps it’s better to keep the crushes just to celebrities, or at least not make them public knowledge.”