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Golf in The Azores

19th August 2013 Print

Golf in the Azores is a unique experience. There are no buildings on the horizon – all you see nature and the Atlantic lurking around you. As you walk the course you are accompanied by an explosion of flowers. The weather allows you to enjoy the three courses available in the archipelago in any season of the year, with rounds are adapted to both beginners and professionals.

São Miguel

Amid arum lilies and hydrangeas, Japanese cedars and cedars, golf can be enjoyed in two international-level golf courses on the island of São Miguel.

The Furnas:

Amid mountains at an altitude of about 500 metres, the perfection of the nature can only inspire you to make the  perfect stroke. The course covers a total area of 46 hectares and is considered one of Portugal’s most beautiful. It is just 40 minutes from the city of Ponta Delgada and 50 minutes from the airport.
Founded: 1936
Architect: Mackenzie Ross/Cameron Powell
Par: 72
Length: 6232 metres
Holes: 18


The green of the land plays with the blue of the ocean in a combination of a links and woodland course, along 100 hectares overlooking the Atlantic and a green landscape. This is a competition with long fairways and large greens. Different combinations of the 27 holes allow three different rounds that prevent any possible boredom. This golf paradise is less than a half hour away from the Ponta Delgada airport.

Founded - 1996?
Architect - Mackenzie Ross/Cameron Powell?
Holes - 27 (3 rounds) 
Par - 72
Length - 6435 metres


Terceira Island has just the one golf course, but in this island the spirit of golf spirit is alive and well in the minds of the local inhabitants. The Terceira Golf Club inherited the course  from the Americans who made if for the recreation of the military personnel stationed at the Lajes Air Base.  The design has changed since then, creating a stimulating course where you can enjoy the unique experience of sharing your experience with locals from all walks of life.

Founded: 1954 
Architect: K. K. Design
Holes: 18 
Par: 72
Length:  5695 metres

What you need to know:

Playing golf in the Azores has countless attractions. Obstacles such as weather conditions do not exist here. All you need is the will to play and the passion to welcome nature as your companion.


You can bring your own equipment. On the other hand, golf courses have equipment available for rental.

How to get to the courses:

The three courses are located in privileged locations, both in relation to the  the airport and the closest cities. Between 15 and 50 minutes after landing, you could be staring a round.

Best time of year:

Golf can be played in the Azores during the whole year, thanks to the region’s unique weather conditions. Temperature is usually mild, and there will be periods of clear skies even during the winter.
Level of ability:

The courses are open to players of all levels. If you are a beginner or if you want to learn a bit more, there are academies which are ready to help you. In terms of entertainment, a number of programmes are available when you play in groups: power play golf, golf debut, putting contest and horse.

What is pasture golf?!

It is a type of golf that is growing rapidly in the Azores  and is played outside traditional courses. Imagine stroking the ball in the middle of a pasture with just cows for spectators and you will get an image of the singularity of this new sport. The rules are the same, but the etiquette is somewhat different. Playing is open to the whole community (residents and visitors) in an experience that guarantees contact with pure nature and lively socialising with the locals.

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